ghd IV styler

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Abby K.

I've been using a GHD for almost two years now. At first, I was a little weirded out about it not having a temperature control but I have grown to love it. I can create so many different looks with this whether it be super sleek, straight hair, or big volumous curls. I love how it heats up in 30 seconds and not a few minutes compared to other flat irons I've had. The best feature in my opinion is how your hair FEELS after you use it.. soft and not fried! I will never use another flat iron again.

Margaret L.
awesome straightener

I recently purchased the GHD, initially I was a little dubious about the lack of a temperature control button however it has won me over. My hair stays straight and smooth not to mention nice and shiny without feeling like I fried it.

Amelia K.

I have been using GHD's for years now and no other straightener has even come close. These make my hair shiny, smooth and also stay straight and are great for curling too. It heats up within seconds and you don't need to slow down when you get to the ends of your hair in order for it to stay straight so that reduces damage and split ends. Love it!

Maryam K.

I don't need to say much because the results speak for them selfs! But I have been trained by a member of the GHD team on using these stylers! Trust me there is no end to what styles and looks you can create with these amazing irons! I never thought they where that special untill I actually bought a pair and realised how amazing they where when I was using them in the salon!

Erica W.

I am a beauty junkie. I am obsessed with hair products. I've tried all the top of the line flat irons and even some of the ones at the drug stores. The GHD is the best one by far. I have had mine for over 5 years and have not had one problem ever. It heats up in SECONDS and the ceramic plates stay consistently hot because of a tiny built-in micro chip that regulates the temperature on the plates. The technology is brilliant and the results are even better! I can flat iron my whole head in less than 10 minutes. My hair is smooth and shiny. Although it is rather pricey, this will last you such a long time!

Libs H.

I use these straighteners every other day! They are amazing and my hair cannot be straighter after I use them! My hair stays straight for hours on end giving my hair a celebrity look! :)

tg t.
Hands down the best thing you will ever buy

I bought one of these about 2 years ago to use in the salon, and its incredible! I LOVE the swivel plates on this bad boy, it makes curling easy (and never kinked). It heats up in LITERALLY 20 seconds. Tops. You plug it in and its already hot. Not to mention, it has a sleep setting so it'll turn off if you accidentally leave it on. People make the mistake of calling this a "flat iron" but it really isn't. Its a STYLER. This thing can do whatever you want it to, from tight ringlets to beach waves to pin straight. The curved body design (its round, not square like most 'straighteners) and swivel plates allow for effortless curl without any kinks! I switched from my Chi to this and I will never go back.

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Amy  S.

i straighten my hair alot since i have curly hair, yet nobody would notice if i had done anything! When i purchased my GHD i was amazed by how many comments i had. I still use them even after 2 years and love to find people noticing the difference!<3xx

Jessica N.
It's my travel buddy!

I absolutely love it! This is the second one I have purchased. It is convenient and will not damage your hair. The temperature is just right. It has a sleep mode setting and it will turn off when it isn't being used. Versatile for creating beachy waves and tight curls. My hair is very fine and often I am scared to use to many heat products. This flatiron has been my hair's best friend for over 3 years. Totally worth it.

Amaia G.
The best thing ever!

I'd been straightening my hair for years and the first day I used these, I had like 5 people ask me if I'd straightened my hair that day. Convinced me that the difference was quite clear. As far as using them, these make straightening my long hair really easy and give the best results even when I don't have enough time to do it thoroughly. They leave my hair completely smooth and shinny. Can't imagine going back to any other!