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Christine H.

I have never found a better blush than this shade. It pops against my fair skin, and a little goes a long way! I found it to be worth every penny, and I will no doubt buy it again when I run out.

Angelica T.
My long-time lover <3

As far as blush goes, NARS makes the very best. I have owned Super Orgasm, Orgasm, Angelika, and Deep Throat. Unfortunately, they were "accidentally" thrown away by my forgetful and very "helpful" father when I was moving out, and now I am rebuilding my make-up collection once more. I am positive they will all be back in my make-up bag soon enough, and I just can not wait! Each shade is highly pigmented, meaning a little on your brush will go a long way. Also, they blend really well into the skin, and have great staying power. The colors are unique and unforgettable, meaning once you fall in love with a Nars shade, you usually just can't find it anywhere else. If you do happen to find a dupe for the color, trust that you will not be able to find a dupe for the quality.

Rachel G.

I was given the shade Orgasm in a sample box from Sephora and then went out and bought Deep throat. I gotta say I love both of them. I think Nars did a really good job with their blushes and I love wearing them. I think with some of the brighter colors you may have to tap the excess off the brush so you don't have color overload as they are really pigmented. Great product, I only wish they were cheaper!

Kimberly P.
Great Product

In my opinion, it is a little pricey for blush. However, I think it is worth every penny! I love the pigmentation and color of this blush. I sometimes don't even use a highlighter because this blush is just the right amount of color and glow. I've only bought and used Orgasm but I'm looking into buying new colors because it's that good! GREAT PRODUCT!

Audrey S.
Prefect tyy

It's name fits the description, I really do love this peachy pink blush with gold reflective glitter it shimmery pigmented long where high-end cute packaging orgasm blushLove love love complements all skintones and make up looks. Great for daytime or nighttime where. I have The dual pallet with Laguna bronzer and orgasm blush it's amazing well worth the money in my opinion

Janice E.
The name says it all ORGASM.

My holy grail blush,highly pigmented,this color look amazing on anyone whether you are fair to beautifully deep.Last forever. I have tons of blushes but this is my tried a true blush color,Nars is the truth.

Frankie M.

My ultimate and favorite blush. Beauty glow that would suit all skin tones. Lasts forever and a little goes a long way which makes the price tag worth it. I will repurchase and buy other colours :)

Zoe M.
Over Hyped

The first and only blush I have from NARS is orgasm and I'm sure everyone has hear how amazballs NARS orgasm blush is. I honestly feel its way too over hyped and over priced. It's not pigmented enough for me, even on my pale skin I have to apply a lot of blush for it to show on my cheeks. Plus there are many cosmetic brands, expensive and inexpensive, have a blush similar to orgasm and with better pigmention . I'm not impressed and I don't think I'll buy it again.

Claire P.

Okay this is INSANE how much I love this blush! I love NARS products, and with my fair skin it really complimented my skin and looked super pretty when I applied it. It has just the right amount of shimmer, and well with the name of course it makes me feel like I have extra sex appeal, lol.

Darcy W.
Nothing compares!

My Second favorite blush! If you wondering why it's a cult classic /mua favorite; The pigmentation, the sheen, the sparkle, the glow, the peachy color. Everything is perfect about this blush. Dupes will never compare to the original! It gives a flawless dewy glow! Perfect for spring and summer!

Can be packed on or sheered out. Can be used wet or dy. I recommend it for light-medium deep skin.