Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

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Nancy S.
Will not purchase again

It's very dry. I do a cat eye almost everyday and it's very difficult to accomplish with this product. I have to really press on it to get anything on my eyelid.

Meagan L.
Oldie but a goldie

Bought as a backup for when my current one runs out. Perfect felt tip liner. Its not a matte liner it had a sort of shine to it but its beautiful.

Brittany S.
Great for Cat Eye Lovers

My go to look for years has been a nice, bold, black cat eye. It instantly makes me feel put together, and just a bit sassier.

Unfortunately in the morning I don't have a ton of time to get ready, so I really need a great black liquid liner to making doing a cat eye as easy and quick as possible. We all know the torture of having a bad "cat eye" day-- where it feel like it takes you an hour to get them both even and looking right. For the most part, the liquid liner from Stila does the trick.

Pros: I am a felt tip gal, so this liner fits the bill. The product flows out nicely through the tip, so application is smooth and easy. The color is opaque and dark with one swipe.

Cons: So far I only have one-- when going over areas where liner has already been applied, I find that this liner will take away product, rather than apply more. This can be tough when doing a cat eye where you may go over the same spot multiple times during application.

However, I can see myself continuing to use this liner when I run out, replacing my longtime go-to KVD liner.

Candace  K.
Didn't like at all

I ordered this eye liner based on all the great reviews. I don't like it at all, but maybe it's not great for older eyelids. At 51, my eyelids aren't smooth like they used to be, so I need an eyeliner that glides easily over the skin. This grabbed and pulled, and it was almost impossible for me to create a decent cat eye. It also flaked off throughout the day. I finally gave up on it.

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Aurora S.
Amazing! Lasts all day no smudging!!
Photo of product included with review by Aurora S.

I have extremely hooded eyes I could not were winged eye liner because it would always smudge onto my eye lids and is end up just a black mess. This eyeliner actually does not transfer onto my upper eyelid and my wing stays nice and sharp though out the day!!

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Lady B.
*Used* To Be The BEST Liquid Liner!

I have bought more of these than I could possibly remember in black, snow, dark brown and midnight along with other colors I don't use as often. Sadly, this used to be one of my daily go-to liquid liners since it was super pigmented, the pen flowed beautifully (usually not a pen liner fan) and it was INSANELY budgeproof and waterproof! That's SUPER important for me since my eyes are sensitive and I have allergies so my eyes water a lot! These liners could handle it though! A friend of mine used to call it 2 day liner because hers would last that long in work situations. SADLY they just don't hold up anymore! I don't know what they changed, but PLEASE change it back Stila! It really was a 'Stay All Day' liquid liner for years! Now it wipes off! I haven't changed anything nor have my friends and it just doesn't have the staying power anymore! I went out one day with winged liner and my left eye watered a tiny bit and POOF my left wing disapeared like my eyes were watering waterproof eyemakeup remover! I didn't have the liner with me and couldn't walk around with one wing so I dampened a tissue with water and the other wing came right off!!! I once had it stay on my hand for 2.5 days through a gazillion hand washings and two showers! It's not just one faulty liner either. I bought a few more in hopes and my friends did too....they're just not the same formula anymore. SO SAD! They were on my holy grail list!

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Jasmine C.
My favorite eyeliner of all time

I have been using this eyeliner for years because it is waterproof and is extremely long lasting. So glad Beautylish now carries this. A dream come true!

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Krystal R.
Great applicator

Doesn't budge. Applicator does wear and get flimsy over time, dries shiny, not matte. but awesome strong consistent product.

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Krystal R.
Great applicator

Great applicatior, and goes on pretty smooth, considering it is liquid, if you are looking for a foul proof shiny liner - this is it!

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Kelly P.

This is my go to eyeliner! I used to go to Sephora and get their in house one but they discontinued it. I then found Stilla and it has the same exact feeling the Sephora eyeliner would give me before! I was sold. It has an easy felt tip to make those cut wings. Never disappointed

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