Beauty Product Reviews

Definitely going to repurchase!

This product is amazing! I am the worst when it comes to letting my nails dry properly. Not only does it make my nails dry faster it also leave my nails feeling smooth and shiny. The price ranges from $7-$9 depending on where you get it. It's worth it to me :)

These are so pigmented and a little does go a long way! They're cheap and the product does look small but it will take forever to finish it! If you're looking for awesome pigments, these are the cheaper alternative to MAC.

One of my favorite!

The brush is amazing! You would have to try it out for yourself to really see what I mean. I feel like it gets everyone of my lashes :) The formula works very well with my lashes and even curls it a little bit too ~

The brush is dense enough to give you the contour you need on your nose or eyes. Yes, I use it on my eyes to blend my eyeshadows. It's only 3 bucks and it works well. I experienced little shedding with this brush :)

Total miss for me!

I like the fact that it's sulfate free and reduces the harmful chemicals we put into our hair wile shampooing. The smell is awful!!! I go to sleep smelling it and wake up smelling it! The texture is very creamy and thick. As a result it weighed my hair down and made my hair fall out :(

Cheap and it works!

Pros: I believe this product was under 3 bucks! You can't find many bronzers that work well with that kind of price tag! The pigmentation is okay but is very buildable :)

Cons: The packaging is cheap so you have to be careful when closing and opening it so the lid won't snap off!

I bought this product hoping it would work for me since I already own the PhotoReady liquid foundation. The powder ended up making me look powdery and cakey. Definitely a miss for me :(

It was a hit for me!

I purchased the base and at first I didn't really like it because to be honest, I didn't know how to use it. After quite some time and experimenting, I love it! It makes my eyeshadow appear more vibrant and the colors last longer throughout the day :)

It's not all that...

I was so excited when I first got this product but was disappointed. After the first use, the product left a tingly sensation on my scalp which isn't a bad thing. It actually felt quite nice. The product requires you to pump so much into my hair and that quickly emptied my bottle which was not a good thing considering the product is expensive. After a couple of washes my hair felt weighed down. The product is so thick and creamy that my hair started falling off! Save your money!

I have the pallette in Comfort Zone and I absolutely love it! The colors are so pigmented and you see colors that you've neer even seen before! I have tried the one in Petal Pusher but ended up returning it because the colors were not that freat :( It was only $4.99 for 8 colors! You can't beat that :D

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