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Daphne R.
Don't be fooled by the price...

okay - I will admit here and now that I have been fairly slow to catch onto the idea that there are less expensive alternatives to products I've used forever.

I am fierce about replacing my mascara - I actually put labels on tubes and replace every three months. DiorShow was my favorite brand until I picked up Sephora Waterproof and NYX Doll Eyes on a whim.

NYX Doll Eyes was a really pleasant surprise - actually beyond pleasant! My lashes look long and lush and the black is really really black. The ultimate test: I used DiorShow on one eye and NYX Doll Eyes on the other ~ then asked my Geek husband if he could see any di credence... He could not! I'm sold.

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Aishah T.

Its a great mascara. Its not thick, doesn't clump your lashes together. My lashes don't feel heavy when it dries, you don't realize that is on your lashes. My favourite mascara for now. Though the mascara doesn't dry as fast as I would like to but its fast and easy to apply. 4 and half stars overall! :)

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Linda M.
Great, but dries slowly.

It does exactly what it says and gives nice length, too. I have naturally straight eyelashes and even without curling it gives them a nice lift. Not like when you curl, but it's fine for a day when I don't have time. The only con is that it takes sort of a long time to dry. Although I don't really see a false lash effect, it a really nice mascara :)

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Kelsey W.
Hello lashes

Finally my blonde lashes have life and beauty of their own. My eyes are more open and brighter looking thanks to lashes that are actually visible. It stays on all day but comes off beautifully with my face cleanser without stripping my lashes like a waterproof one has been.

Joanna M.
Great product!

I love this mascara! [which is fortunate; it's my only mascara n___n] It was a decent price [$9 from nyx's website], it doesn't clump, and I'd recommend it to everyone! ♥

Valerie B.
My absolute favorite mascara!
Photo of product included with review by Valerie B.

I absolutely LOVE this mascara! I used to only use the Lash Blast Fusion, but now I definitely prefer this one! It separates, lifts, lengthens and also gives a lot of volume. I find this one to give you much more of a falsie look than the Maybelline Falsies mascara. Definitely worth the money!!

Page V.
One of my favorite!

The brush is amazing! You would have to try it out for yourself to really see what I mean. I feel like it gets everyone of my lashes :) The formula works very well with my lashes and even curls it a little bit too ~

Tanna L.

Its a really good mascara. I have a hard time finding mascara that I can stand and when I found out that NYX had a mascara I had to try it. I have tryed other mascara from Cover Girl, Maybelline, and others and I just keep on coming back to NYX. I work in grooming and bath a lot dog and when the dog shacks to get the water off of them, my face gets wet and I love that it stay on. Its a great product that they have come out with.

Kylee S.

i really like this product :) it seperated my lashes really well and made them very full and volumous :)

Jeannie K.

I was really surprised with how good this mascara works! They lengthen the lashes (which is always good) and evenly spreads them out. The waterproof part works pretty well too... well enough for my lashes to need extra scrubbing when taking my makeup off.