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Great Nail Polishes!

I own a million of these and am in love with them. They're only like, $1.99! Crazy good huh? They're cheap but the color pay off is awesome! God check them out! They color selection will wow you! I didn't even know where to start, haha.

Awesome little blushes!

I've heard these are very comparable to Nars's blushes. I own two of them and plan to go back for more. The colors a nice and pigmented. They're only $3 and they last forever! If you want a cheaper alternative then go try them!

Definitely full coverage!

The youtube community has raved about this product and I decided to give it a try. It's a full coverage foundation if you have more to cover up. But beware, it dries fast so you have to work with it the minute it comes out of the bottle. It is a matte finish and it left my face looking like I layered on pounds of makeup. The color selection is great though!

Works good for the price

The pinks are not that pigmented but the brown is quite nice! They're cheap and if you want something subtle, this is for you. It adds color to your lips but not too much. Definitely go and check it out if you're skeptical. You don't know, you might save a lot more money if you end up liking it ~


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! They're not glossy but they're not like lipstick either. They're in the middle and the pigmentation is wonderful! The smell is quite nice. I purchased one and loved it the minute I put it on. I will definitely go and purchase some more. Good job NYX <3

They're okay!

The color selection is gorgeous but the formula isn't all that great. It's too creamy and the color is not consistent. For the price, it's good. I believe this is one of NYX cheaper lipstick and I have yet to try the more expensive ones. Maybe they'll work better!

Worst mascara ever!

This was actually the first mascara I purchased and it did not do anything for me. The brushes were too far apart and couldn't get everyone of my lashes. My lashes were flat and weighed done after I was finish. It's a cheaper mascara but I would invest in something more expensive that works!

It's OK

Before purchasing, I did my research online and everyone said it's a good eyelash curler for the price. I decided to try it but was disappointed. If I'm not careful, I could get my eyelid caught in it :( It's cheap, but I would rather invest in something else.

Cheap and it's matte!

This is absolutely one of my favorite lipstick! It's matte and it's cheaper compared to MAC and other high end products! It works great and the color selection is very good! I actually stumbled upon this product on accident and I'm glad I did :)

Love, love this brush!

I've heard so many great things about this brush and thought I should give it a try :) It works perfect for powder or liquid foundation. It's only $3 dollars! You can't beat that! Elf is definitely stepping it up :) I would repurchase again!

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