Cleansing Conditioner


Kawehi G.
Don't believe the hype

It's good for special occasion use. Personally I believe that it's over hyped. After the first time you use it, there's a noticeable difference in softness in the hair... but that's what a conditioner is supposed to do. It left my hair a little bit more oily (not greasy, just more oil than normal) which is why I don't think I liked it. I know sulfates in shampoo are bad for your hair, so this is a pretty good alternative to that BUT I didn't feel like my hair was cleansed........ Another iffy part about Wen is that they suggest you over-saturate your hair in the stuff.... which to me, sounds like they just want you to use up as much of the product as you can so that you can go buy more. I don't want to use eight to ten pumps of anything, really...I don't know, that could just be me being pessimistic but that's how I felt about that.

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Meagen C.
Good at first, but not for long term use

I have to say at first I really loved this product, it made my hair feel so soft and made it much more manageable and it got me out of the shower a lot quicker. After using it for about a month, I started to notice my hair was really lifeless and weighed down. I normally wash my hair every other day and by then it starts to get oily. But after awhile this made my hair seem oily at the end of the first day I washed it. My hair also started to become really dry at the ends, when previously Wen had made them soft. I thought maybe it was just me, so I got my mom to try it and she has normal, fine hair and she washes her hair every 2-3 days. However she had the same results, at first it made her hair voluminous and soft but then really limp and extremely dry.

So unfortunately for me and my mom, its definately not a repurchase product.

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Kaila P.
Absolutely worth EVERY penny!!

I have to admit, I am a bit of a frugal shopper always searching for the best deals and the lowest prices. When I came across Chaz Dean's "Wen" line recommended by a friend, I was a bit skeptical only because I am such a cheap skate! The moment I began using Wen Hair and Scalp treatments I saw a HUGE difference in the texture, volume, and all around health of my hair. It felt so smooth and silky, not to mention the delicious scent it gave off!! My all-time favorite Wen product would have to be the Re-Moist Hair Repair mask. For someone who uses heat on their hair EVERY day (me), this mask replenishes and rejuvenates all the life, shine, and gorgeousness right back into your hair! I can't ever go back now, this product line is worth EVERY penny spent!!!

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Ning C.

The Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner changed my life. I was someone who washed my hair every night but found that as I got older (and colored and heat styled my hair more), my hair would just get drier and drier. This is perfect for those days when you want to shower (let's say you've worked out) but you're in a rush--it's much much better than a shampoo/conditioner 2-in-1. You can use it from roots to ends and it even kinda foams--not big bubbles, but there's definitely a little lather. My hair is much shinier and healthier thanks to this product.

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Luna V.

I'll admit it, I'm a hair-colour junkie. Right now, my hair is bright blue, and before that it's been lavender, platinum, pink, purple, red, and everything in between. On top of the fact that I have naturally fine, dry, brittle hair, it's safe to say my hair was pretty far from healthy. I'm also severely allergic to sulfates--even things like L'Oreal's Ever Pure line triggers a reaction.

I picked up this product in Sweet Almond Mint online and figured it was worth a shot. The directions instruct you to use 20-30 pumps of product to work into your hair, but really? That's about half the 6oz bottle. For my slightly-longer-than-pixie cut hair, I needed about 5 pumps. It works best if you massage into your scalp, comb through your ends, and then splash with a little water to fully disperse. I'll put a shower cap on while I finish my shower so nothing slips off. It rinses easily and leaves hair feeling silky--none of that sticky, squeaky feeling of stripped hair! It's clean, not even remotely oily, and very shiny after washing. I'll add a pump or two to my towel-dried hair as a leave-in conditioner as well.

Even so, my hair still feels a little dry. They do make a variety of different formulae, so I'll try out another variety until I find my Holy Grail, so to speak. Still, very glad I gave this product a shot--it was just what my over-processed hair needed!

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Shivangi P.
It's not all that -_-

One star off for the price, another because it's no miracle product as it is marketed. I have curly hair so anything that keeps the frizz away is great, but this just acted like a normal conditioner. My hair felt great after the first use but when I continued the use my hair became really oily and I had to wash it every day. They encourage you to use quite a bit of it but trust me that is not necessary, you can make up your own measurements depending on your needs. Plus this might get a little pricey, once in a while I go back to it but not for every day use.

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Megan K.
I hate this

this does nothing to my hair other than level it nice and flat. never any volume. sure, it makes my hair soft, but in a matter of hours it become oily. for someone with healthy hair i would never recommend it -- but if you have extremely dry hair go for it.

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Page V.
It's not all that...

I was so excited when I first got this product but was disappointed. After the first use, the product left a tingly sensation on my scalp which isn't a bad thing. It actually felt quite nice. The product requires you to pump so much into my hair and that quickly emptied my bottle which was not a good thing considering the product is expensive. After a couple of washes my hair felt weighed down. The product is so thick and creamy that my hair started falling off! Save your money!

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Carolina O.
Loved at first, hated after 2nd week

I LOVED this product at first. By the second week I had to stop using it because my hair was weighed down and dull looking. It wasnt stripping the moisture from my hair but it also wasnt cleaning it! It may be healthy for your hair but after a while you hair feels dirty. I have thin hair so this was a very big problem for me. Its also very expensive and requires you to use a VERY large amount of product each time.

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Rachel R.
So returning

I had used this for one month for my fine hair. It is so wrong for my fine hair. It made it look greasy and the greasiness would flake off and look like dandruff. I am returning the product and never buying it again. It looked like I never took a shower.

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