Cleansing Conditioner


Nikki H.
Not for me.

I think this product only works with certain hair styles. I don't think it is a 'works for everybody' product. Because there are some reviews I've read that absolutely love it and some that really don't. fir me personally, I have very long thick curly hair, and I always have trouble finding anything that works with it, so I thought this would be a great product for me. Not even close. I tried it out, doing nothing out of the ordinary with my normal hair care routine, and I found very little difference in my hair. I was expecting some sort of magical transformation, but after a couple weeks of using it, it never happened. It works just as a regular conditioner thought, but nothing special. I guess it works differently for different people. But for me, I didn't do much.

Abby M.

Great product! I have to admit that I didn't like it at first because I saw no results whatsoever but after realizing I was not using the product properly I decided to give it a second chance & I am so glad I did. You can not cut corners when using this product! You absolutely have to follow the directions precisely as said to do so. If not you will not see any results, like the first time I used it. Once I have it a second chance, I noticed my hair is noticeably shiner, softer, and totally manageable. I love how you can tell it retains your hairs moisture, rather than stripping it like shampoo. A con though would be the amount of product you have to use in order to get the wanted results. It just makes it even more pricey having to buy more since it is already pricey. A cheaper alternative to Wen I discovered is a product called As I Am Coconut Cowash. It's just as great! And can be purchased at Sally's for about $8 to $10! Try it out, you'll love it!

Cara Michelle H. Team
My Jack Russell and I LOVE Wen!

Wen is the most AMAZING product that ever happened to my hair, and also for my Jack Russell Terrier (his skin and fur). We both use the Pomegranate and Cucumber Aloe and both have an refreshing scent to them. At first, I honestly did not like this product. I was not used to washing my hair with what seemed like a conditioner. It took me a few months to get used to (going back and forth from Wen to regular like shampoos). Eventually, as I got used to this non-lathering shampoo and used it more, I started to notice my hair becoming much softer and even the bleached/colored parts of my hair started to look healthier.

Since it's an all natural cleansing shampoo/conditioner and heard that it also works well on animals, we decided to use Wen (Pomegranate) for my adult Jack Russell, who has very sensitive skin and had horrible rash at the time. Amazingly, after consistently washing him with Wen, it cleared his skin of rash and helped his fur to grow back fuller and thicker than ever before! We were able to get rid of his antibiotic medication and prescription shampoos and also lessen the amount of vet visits. It was so nice to see him comfortable again.

It's been a few years and we both still continue to use Wen products. I completely understand that it feels different at first, but I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a healthier scalp and hair. You can first use it as your conditioner (after applying your choice of shampoo), and then make a gradual transition from there. It's well worth it and it's everything your hair (or fur) needs conveniently all in one bottle!

Vi M.

This was terrible. DO NOT BUY! It makes your hair greasy and the product build up is insane. The amount of dandruff I had after using this was insane. Worst 70$ I have ever spent.

Ruby G.
Use sparingly for fine hair

My hair is fine, shoulder length, colored, and curly/wavy. I followed the instructions exactly from the back of the bottle. Finished my first bottle of Wen this month. I found that it left my hair soft and silky. It was very gentle on my fine hair. After a few washes, however, I noticed oil buildup. My hair is prone to getting oily. Since I wash my hair every day, I decided to use Wen only every other day, the off days using a different sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. This solved the oil problem.

In conclusion: Not the best choice for fine, oily hair. I would purchase again because I liked the way it made my hair feel. But because of the price and the amount of product needed to cleanse my hair, will stop using when my hair grows out past my shoulders.

Kaylee D.

This is probably the worst product ever given to me. i first wanted it because i loved the minty smell, but it makes my hair sooo oily! it took forever to regulate my hair and such again! i will never purchase this again. ever.

Audra B.
Way to expensive for being only so-so

I was so excited to try this product. I thought I was going to walk out of the shower looking like alyssa milano and never look back. The first time I used it, my hair seemed soft and shiny. It was nice. But the next day my scalp looked greasy and it hadnt even been 24hrs yet since I showered. I gave it another go thinking I may not have washed it out enough. Same problem the next day. I had no frizz but I looked dirty and my hair looked weighed down and dull. Oh and by the way, the smell is just stupid. Its nothing to write home about but you dont really enjoy it either. plus you are supposed to comb it thru your hair and frankly, its just not a good idea to brush wet hair if you can help it. My hair is too fine I guess for this product.

Dee P.
It does "cleanse"

This product works well for my hair as it is thick and dry right now due to dying and bleach. It has restored a little bit of moisture back in my hair. But as far as price goes....it is was to expensive to be buying it every month! It does become "one" product in your shower; replacing the conditioner. You have to use a lot of it to actually let it do the cleansing job work.

Thank god my sister actually gave me couple of her bottles because it didn't work for her hair (she has very fine hair) and it made it greasy quickly!

I will be switching back to another shampoo/conditioner.

Aubrey G.
Way to much raving for something that just isn't THAT amazing.

I think everyone will agree on the good smells. If your hair is pretty cooperative and not to frizzy anyway, don't expect drastic results. I imagine it would work wonders on someone who has very thick and frizzy unmanageable hair. I did notice softness and shine while wet, but thats it.

Hannah P.
No difference

We've all seen the commercials but does it really work? For me I never really saw a difference with wen. The perks of it would be it smells good, you don't have to shampoo with it, it's natural. The downsides it cost a lot, no real difference, sometimes hair looked greasy if it didn't get all washed out. So what I'm saying is I wouldn't reccomend it!