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I have the bronzer in warm and the color is gorgeous! I love the fact that you get four colors in one! I don't like the fact that it is shimmery though. For $3, I say it is worth it. The colors are not that pigmented but are very buildable.

It will blow you away!

I was curious about this product and have done my research on it. Most people seem to like it and OMG! It is amazing! Forget about paying $15-20 for a primer! This little guy is only a $1 and will do the job for you! I went back and purchased two more because I thought I was going to run out! It looks small but it's lasting me forever! It doesn't make your eyeshadow more vibrant but that doesn't bother me. Just make sure your eyeshadows are pigmented by themselves and you're fine :)

It's only a dollar and it packs on the color well. However, the brush is cheaply made so it might shed or fall apart. It's not bad considering it's cheap. Give it a try :)

It's average

I'm not really a big of shimmer and if you are like me, this product is not for you. The staying power is longer than that of a powder blush so that's a plus. Be careful when selecting a color. If you're on the darker side, pick a darker color. The color you see outside the jar can be very deceiving. I usually use this and then lightly dust a powder blush on top.

Face feels soft

It's a face wash and exfoliater in one. It makes my skin feels super soft after using it. I'm confident that I can get most of the dirt, oil, and makeup of my skin. It doesn't smell fruity or herbally. I don't really know how to desrcibe the smell. LOL. It's cheap and works well. I recommend it :)

It's okay

It was cheap that's why I bought it. At first it does a nice job of setting my foundation and makes my face look matte. The staying powers is poor. After 3-4 hours, it sinks right in with my foundation and makes my face oily.

This was a miss!

I bought this nail polish in white so I could do french tips. I am not a big fan of the wand at all. It's wider and it's harder to be precise with it. I found that it gets really goopy after a short time. It's cheap and the color payoff is nice. I will not be repurchasing though.

Affordable :)

They come in many colors so it's easy to find one you like. It's cheap and not too overwhelming if you are a beginner. It also comes with instructions on the back on how and where to apply every single shadow. You can choose to wear all colors or just one.

The smell is very nice and it's easy to spray onto my hair. It's cheap and it works great! If you need a heat protectant without paying too much, give this one a try. It protects my hair before I straighten my hair. It leaves my hair smelling good so that's plus :)

I'm addicted!

I bought them when they first came out and I was hooked! I bought Lacey Lilac and the color is amzing! It wasn't long after that, that I got my second bottle. I bought Mint Sorbet and I love that one as well! It's cheap, the color selection is good, and I would definitely repurchase :)

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