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120 Colors Eye Shadow Palette Set - ESSENTIALS


Bailey B.

This was the beginning to my makeup collection. I bought this off ebay and once it got in my mailbox, I never looked back. There are many wonderful colors in here for any kind of look. I've used it for every day looks, dramatic looks, and for special effects makeup. The use you will get out of this is incredible and you will never use it all up. A great deal for so many eyeshadows. This is by far better than any ELF palette out there. Not all they eyeshadows are made perfectly, but there are a few hidden jems, you just have to experiment. If you have a daughter, friend, or even you who wants to get into makeup but can't afford or don't want to spend a crap ton of money, start here! Xx

Morgan L.

I bought this online and only got it the other day and instantly fell in love with it!. It's easy to put away, the colours are very well pigmented, there's a lot of colours to choose from (which I always find difficult to find when it comes to Pallets!) though the eyeshadows do have a lot of fall out, this pallet is BRILLIANT for anything!

Juyey B.

This is my go-to palette. No matter what look I'm going for I can guarantee the colours I need will be in here. The colours for the most part are very pigmented which I love, unfortunately there are a few that just don't give the colour pay-off you had hopes but with 120 colours and only a few aren't great you definitely cannot complain.

I received this as a gift for Christmas last year and will definitely be buying it myself when I run out - which won't be for a good while yet. Haha. Highly recommend.

Simera H.

This is the perfect palette if you love bold & colorful looks. I love this palette when I feel very creative and want to try out fun crazy looks. I do think there are some shadows in this palette that are chalky and not as pigmented as I would hope for but in the end you get a ton of shadows it's perfect for beginners.

Katelyn  L.
Pretty good!!

This palette is Very pigmented, I love it!! The only disapointments, were that the shadows were VERY soft, so theirs quite alot of fallout (loose powder) and some of the matte colors can be chalky. But for such a low price, It's Pretty good! If your looking for a variety of colors, Deffinintly buy this!! :)

Where you can buy it- ebay or costal scents Price i bought it for- $10.00 Hope this helped!!<3

LoVely L.

i just look at a tutorial using this much is this palette? i would like to purchase but want to know before i purchase..i looked at some of the reviews..but i would like to know the see if it is worth it!

Katie B.
It's ok for what you pay

Don't get me wrong it's a good pallet but there are better ones out there......soft pigments i agree but like i said if you can afford the extra few bucks get the better brand :D

Veronica C.
I love!

Great Palette! I love the variety of colors and majority of them are Matte! They all have great pigmentation, and it is a great kit to have for use on others. The cost was very low even though I got this palette for Free from a family member. Look into this palette if you are looking for some great matte colors. My kit is Manly Cosmetics 120 color palette.

Dawn M.

I have this in version 2. I really love it. It was around 20-25 dollars I think, and every single shadow in the palette is very pigmented and soft, but not too soft. I think I experience a little bit of fall out with a few shades but nothing too major.

I would consider purchasing another but I find that a lot of the palettes have too similar of shadows in them so I really don't want anything else unless it's very different from what I already have. Great color selection and great quality none the less. Version 2 has a good mix of both matte and shimmer shades.

Lia B.

I have green eyes interested in colors for to complement my eyes color! How expensive is this product? I haven't used this Palettle,however I've observed it on this site and would love to ,