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Stir It Up Cream Eyeshadow

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Jocelyne R.

I miss this so much!!!!!! I can't find it anywhere anymore! I never mixed mine up because I had no idea I was supposed to. Plus I loved it just the way it was. It went on so smooth. It's such a gorgeous color.

Alexa W.
500- As If

I went to go get my sister a birthday present at walgreens when i saw this and i loved it! I have it in As If which is a purple when you blend in but its like a speckled metallic purple with blue and it is so pretty... it only works with primer otherwise it creases. The other colors are really pretty, but they are being discontinued which im sad about because i wanted to buy the other colors. You can probably find them at some drugstore but they have gorgeous colors, not so good quality but great pigmentation!

Dawn M.

I have this in the white/black speckled shade that's basically grey once you mix it up. I was displeased with this product and I only used it one time. As a base.

Upon my recent trip to the drugstore, I noticed these were all discounted because they are being discontinued. Makes sense to me.

I wouldn't purchase another one, as mine is basically collecting dust. Not the greatest idea.

rachael h.
love it

Not a huge eyeshadow person unless it's white shadow to highlight, but I bought this (in the same color as the picture) and I absolutely love it! It has a nice glitzy look but not too dramatic look and it applies very well, although the multicolored flecks sometimes make one eye look a bit off from the other but its easily fixable. Maybe I am just applying it wrong. All in all i'll def buy this again and experiment with some of the other colors as well.