Wet N Wild

Ultimate Brow Kit


Julie G.
Go-to brow product

Initially, I bought this to experiment with my brow shape. I fell in love immediately. The angled brush is really good for filling in sparse areas. I prefer to blend the two colors to get the right shade for my hair. However, I have to leave out a star because I find that the included wax doesn't do much for me when taming stray hairs. Otherwise, the product is great, the included tools are neat, and it's convenient that a mirror pops in and out of the compact.

Aubrey C.
Love it!

This little kit is so handy. The colors are nice, although I wish they would come out with more options. The middle brown color is a red-based brown, but nearly a true brown. The bottom color is a few shades lighter than black, almost a charcoal/brown color. The wax at the top does a nice job of shaping and holding the brows.

The star of this kit is the little brush though, honestly. Which is odd to say, as with most makeup products the brushes/applicators are total junk. If you have thick brows, you may not like the brush - but if you have thinner brows it's perfect. Most "brow" brushes I've tried have been too thick for me. If the one in this kit had a longer handle, I could die happy.

Basically, this is a wonderful little kit for the price and is definitely worth trying out.

Treasure N.
The only one i will use for my brows

I have very sparse brows. This brow pallete is the only one i use for my eyes. I dont use the wax but the powder works for me and my clients alike. I never have a problem blening with the brow hair

Dawn M.

I love this product! It's great to fill in your brows. My brows are relatively dark and this color fits them just perfectly. However, I don't use the wax, I find it pretty useless, which is why I knocked it down a star. =) Overall, great product, great price tag!

Elizabeth C.
love it

I've had this eyebrow kit for so long, and i resintly use it again and forgot what great product this is, i us the midel shade, cut the darker brown in my pallet is super dark so use it as and eyeliner. amazing product,


Cerisa M.
Perfect affordable brow kit
Photo of product included with review by Cerisa M.

This is a great kit for brunettes and dark haired beauties. The powder is natural looking and blends well. The wax also gives a natural look while keeping your brows in shape. The bonus mini tweezers and mirror are awesome too!

Qian W.
Perfect color

The color is perfect for my eyebrows, and mixed with the wax lasts all day!!! :) It's so affordable and will last you a long time. Great quality, I will definitely be re-purchasing this product !

Kristen A.
Great product! Not much variety

I picked this product up several months back and used it once. Not because I didn't like it, but because the lightest shade was too dark for me. The Brow Kit was about $1.99 or so, and comes with a fantastic mini angled brush. You get two brow shades and a gel to set. I wish there were an even lighter shade so that I could've used the kit I bought. The powders are great quality! I would give it more stars if it were offered in more shades. This is the only negative thing I have to say on this product. Worth a try for sure!