Beauty Product Reviews

Not Impressed

I just bought this nail polish yesterday. I applied one coat and got a crackle right in the center of the nail and it just looked like a smudge. Maybe I did not get enough product on the nail. I'm not quite sure but I will keep trying and if it works then I will leave a better review. For now I would say stick with OPI Shatter.

Another Great Vegan Option

I believe this product is vegan and this shampoo unlike other vegan shampoo's left my hair feeling clean and just fresh. I encourage vegan shampoo but they usually do not feel like the cleanse my hair as well as a non-vegan shampoo. Love it!

Great Idea

Ugh... I hate to be the only one to give this eyelash curler a bad review but my experience was less than desirable. When I first saw this on UD I thought wow, this looks like the ultimate eyelash curler or all eyelash curlers. First, the box said it came with like 5 rubber refills but I only received the one that came on the curler. Second, I guess the eyelash curlers top and bottom didn't match up and cut off half of my lashes. Unfortunately, I have to give this curler a thumbs down until I get one that works correctly.

So Smooth...

I love Chanel so I absolutely had to get this over the summer and test it out. It is incredibly smooth but it took me a few times of trial and error to apply the product correctly for my skin tone. Once I figured it out I was in love and didn't want to take it out of my makeup routine.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I love hard candy but this product is a NO GO! The packaging is so cute but when I applied the product it was sticky and it didn't even leave any color on my cheeks. It's just chapstick. Do not waste your money on this one ladies.

Perfect Vegan Option

I find most vegan shampoo's feel like they don't wash my hair completely but this product was like using a top of the line product. It is good for your hair and completely cruelty free! I would suggest you try it at least once and see what it can do for your locks :) and you will be helping to support vegan products which isn't a bad thing.

Love The Product, Not The Price

Ok, so I was a skeptic but I found these polish strips fairly simple to apply and to my surprise they DID last through a steamy shower. I thought for sure they were going to peel right off but I would say that lasted a good week or so before they started to chip. Maybe it was my lack of re-applying a top coat but great product in my opinion.

Great For Fall

This scent just screams OCTOBER! You automatically visualize the fall season. Pumpkin patches, golden leaves and that Halloween feel. I just love this time of the year and the scent brings me right back to it.

Nice Lashes, Great Price

For a dollar, I stock up on these lashes because they are great for everyday wear. The glue is no good so stick to your normal brand. If your new to false lashes I would buy these and experiment because they're totally affordable and it won't hurt your wallet if you have to go through more than a few pair before you get it just right.

Definitely A Go To Palette

Great palette whether you want a subtle day look or an extreme evening look. The color range is great and if you lift the shadow tray you have extra storage space!