Urban Decay

Revolution Lash Curler


S Michelle D.
Great Idea

Ugh... I hate to be the only one to give this eyelash curler a bad review but my experience was less than desirable. When I first saw this on UD I thought wow, this looks like the ultimate eyelash curler or all eyelash curlers. First, the box said it came with like 5 rubber refills but I only received the one that came on the curler. Second, I guess the eyelash curlers top and bottom didn't match up and cut off half of my lashes. Unfortunately, I have to give this curler a thumbs down until I get one that works correctly.

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Reni V.
"Revolution" is an understatement

I went for a complimentary makeup application as part of an Urban Decay promotion and I had my first encounter with this eyelash curler. As a rule, I hate them. My eyelids are always pinched, and my lower lashes are the ones that need curling. This was the first time in life that I enjoyed this menial task.

I'm looking forward to trying it out on false lashes...

LaNeice R.
So easy it's a must have in your Beauty Kit!
LaNeice R.'s Review Image

I bought this today and am most definitely in love! I have been looking for a Cageless curler for a while but so didn't want to have to order one online and wait for it to get to me! ( no patience ) lol I finally decided after work to walk to Sephora and purchase it. I am totally stoked and have already tried it on myself! I can't wait to be able to use this on my clients. I looked on UD website and Sephora. com and not seen any individual replacement pads. I wonder how they will solve this problem .... because it wouldn't make sense to purchase another curler for new pads... well I know I am not going to do that! lol


Ashley U.

finally!!! an eyelash curler thats perfect for me! ive gone through so many different brands and styles of lash curlers because i always seem to have a problem with skin pinching. i had settled on my japonesque travel curler but i wasnt extremely satisfied with it. as soon as i tried the revolution i knew i had to have it. my lashes looked instantly longer without too much effort, and they werent crimped!!!

Yomaira C.
The name says it all!

Finally a curler without a cage!!!! touchdown!!!! this is awesome, you can curl your lashes without getting your hairs caught in the cage or fearing to anyways. It curls your eyelashes wonderfully and you have the ability to curl the areas you want to (for those who like to curl just the ends) this is a MUST have for sure!

Theresa G.

As a freelance MUA. I have come across applying false eyelashes on clients and struggeling to curl the whole lash. Sometimes just wanting to curl only the outer corners seem impossible. I have always wondered if there was a eyelash curler that had no cage. When I saw this eyelash curler I was SOOOOOO happy! My problems have been solved LOL. It is so easy to handle and the number one tool to have if you are MUA.

Erica S.
I love the idea...

...of a cageless curler, considering eyelash curlers used to freak me out. Recently I've been using the MAC half-lash curler and that's small enough to not be scary. However, when I saw the release of this I knew I had to try it! It looks less intimidating than a regular curler and is actually quite easy to handle. It also comes with a fair amount of replacement pads (I think there's 5)!

My only beef with this is that the first one I ordered came in off-center, so that the top part of the curler came into contact with the metal part of the bottom on one side, pushing the cushion out and bending my lashes instead of curling them. Augh! I had to exchange it for a new one, which works well but I did notice that the bottom part is kind of loose on this one so I'm able to move it back and forth slightly which changes it's orientation to the top piece. Not sure if that's how it's supposed to be or not! I'm going to go into Sephora soon and test the other ones they have to see if they have that same issue, and if not I'll exchange again.

Alexandra J.
I WANTED to love it...

I thought this eyelash curler was going to change my life! Well not really, but I was really excited about it. My lashes always get cut-off by the cages on traditional curlers. I tried using it for two weeks and returned it back to Sephora. The top and bottom of the curler did not match up for me and it would curl half of my lashes really nicely, while the other half was untouched. It was too much of a hassle to make the top and bottom meet perfectly. Maybe my curler was defective, but I was not impressed.