Hard Candy

Hide & Glow Cheek - Cheek Tint Duos

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Emma E.
Not for me

Had big chunks of glitter inside (I prefer matte blush) difficult to blend and felt quite greasy. Perhaps its better for dry skin) I wasn't to keen on the smell either. Won't repurchase. dissapointing

Winter P.

Hate. Hate. Hate. They looked cute like all hard candy products so I picked one up as soon as I put it on I washed it off no pigmentation and it was the greasiest makeup product I've ever owned. definitely not one of there quality products.

Hadeel B.

i really did not liker the cheek tints. i did end up returning it. its not very pigmented and quite oily. and I'm not a huge fan of the colour combinations. id pass on this product,

Bianca Nicole  C.
I loved it.

I bought these for the winter and they give me a very nice sheer coverage and I very light so you can see these on me like color on paper. I was happy with the product reasonable price and comes with two colors. I bought the ones above and I love them so much.

AlmostStylish X.
Its just alright

I was looking for a cream/gel type of blush for the winter since I feel that powder can be a bit drying during those months and can look lackluster.. This looked like a good option and I like the daul color options but its a bit greasy and can be awkward to apply.. Not bad pigmentation but I'm going to keep looking...

SierraLeo M.

I love this blush duo. It worked for me really well and i would definitely recommend it to my friends. It lasted all day at school, comes off easy, and didn't feel sticky or heavy. It gives a great flush of color when I'm in a hurry in the morning and I use it almost every day.

Katie M.

This is an okay product. Note, there is a trick to applying it that takes some experimenting to discover. I don't use it often, but when I'm in a hurry and want to add some color to my cheeks this is what I use, it is quick and simple. If you know how to use it properly it can work wonders. (I have a tutorials of all sorts of makeup tricks you can use.) I would recommend this along with a quick tip of how to apply.

S Michelle D.
Looks Can Be Deceiving

I love hard candy but this product is a NO GO! The packaging is so cute but when I applied the product it was sticky and it didn't even leave any color on my cheeks. It's just chapstick. Do not waste your money on this one ladies.

Lola M.

This was so bad that it didnt even make it to my cheeks. I swatched it and it was nothing but a grease stick. It came off goopy and patchy. I was not going to have that on my skin. Definetly dont recomend this.

Kelsea M.
Disappointing. =[


I did a video review of this product but I thought I'd type it out as well. Pigmentation: Not great. The brighter side was alright but the lighter colour had NO pigmentation. Blending: It is smooth and easy to work with after it's applied. Texture: Greasy Longevity: Lasts maybe 30 minutes alone and about 1 hour if set with powder blush. True to package: Neither of the colours showed up as they appeared. Also, the packaging is deceiving. There isn't as much product as it appears to have.