Dramatic Lash Kit


Ivet C.
Great for everyday use

The lashes are great for everyday use and the price is good too. The glue isn't the best but still good enough for just $1. They are simple, cheap, and easy to use.

Star Y.

I love these as much as the natural one. The weird thing is that the natural one looks longer on my sister's lashes than these. For me, it's dramatic on me and the natural ones are natural looking for me. I love these because sometimes for my special night outs i like to get really dressed up so these compliments my look a lot better. For the price, how could it go wrong. I would recommend this product to try out because it gives a great dramatic flair to your eyes.

Kayla H.
Favorite lashes EVER.

I thought well..one dollar lashes? Couldnt be that great. But I gave them a try and I was WOWED with the results. sooo flirty and girly looking. Def gonna stock up on these they are my favorites now!

Tiffanie C.
One dollar wonderful

New to Falsies I bought several packs for practice.. The glue is horrible so I used duo and I must say Wow so natural and they really added a nice feminine quality to my everyday look. WILL MOST DEFINATELY RE PURCHASE

Lisa M.
My first pair of lashes!

I love the look of false lashes but I don't know how to apply them. One day at the grocery store, I saw these for 99 cents. Awesome. I thought these would be perfect for learning how to apply lashes. I don't have any experience with false lashes so I wasn't sure what to expect. The lashes feel very artificial, plastic-y. The band, for me, didn't seem to contour to the shape of my lids very easily. The glue was useless so I used Duo. But once I saw them on, they were awesome! I loved the way they looked on. They looked natural but fuller and longer. Very pretty. I think I will get another pair. I need more practice!

Bailey R.
Super easy!

Super cute, super easy to use, even with that cheap lash glue. My lashes stayed all day at work and they added a nice POP to my look. If you're timid about spending real money on lashes if you're not comfortable with them yet, go with these. Great practice lashes.

Desiree S.
SO worth it !

I wasn't so sure that these lashes would look good! But i was SOO happy with the final result! I personally think that these lashes feel much better & so much lighter then any other lash! Will deff. keep on buying these lashes :D

Elida B.

Come on a dollar, these lashes are so worth your dollar. They are very natural feeling and the band is so easy to work with it applies easily. Some $1 lashes feel very plasticy but not these there amazing, i do recommend to not use the glue it comes with because to me it sucked but with a good glue ( lash grip or duo) it will do

Raina R.

LOve them...and they r only one dollar...$1.00 lol yes! Great for any makeup artist trying to cut cost. It's easy to use, I just prefer to use my own eye lash glue, the one in the pack is not that good.

S Michelle D.
Nice Lashes, Great Price

For a dollar, I stock up on these lashes because they are great for everyday wear. The glue is no good so stick to your normal brand. If your new to false lashes I would buy these and experiment because they're totally affordable and it won't hurt your wallet if you have to go through more than a few pair before you get it just right.