Sally Hansen

Crackle Overcoat

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Audrey S.
It was not good for a crackle

It hardly cracks, and is not worth the 6 dollars (In the US) that it costs. I have three of them(Vintage Purple, Fractured Foil, and the coal one I can't think of the name) and I use then as color polishes not crackle. Add two to three coats and it is a fine normal polish, but nothing special as for a crackle

Tara M.
Crackle that doensn't crack.

This Crackle nail polish does not even crackle. The most it does is give a sheer, glittery type of overcoat. Tried it a few times then bought OPI Shatter.

Léa-marie R.

It doesn't crack at all, it just makes your nails look weird. I first bought a OPI and I was impressed by how nice it was, so I decided to try these one to have more colors (OPI are pretty expensive!) and I've been so desappointed when I apply these ones...

Aniko F.
Not so much

I wasn't a super fan of this crackle nail polish. Its definitely not like the other crackle polishes out there and I would just spend the extra money to buy the higher quality brand crackle polish like OPI

Layn L.
Crackles well but dries out...

I've had a black for several months that I've used a few times and no, it hasn't dried out in the bottle yet, but every time I've used it, I have to close it in the middle of doing my nails and shake it up to keep the polish around the top of the bottle and on the upper part of the brush to keep from getting too thick and blocking up the bottle. I also have a coral glitter one that is very translucent and which magnifies that problem further.

Eliza H.
Decent at first..

At first i didnt mind this crackle polish it wasnt amazing because it was a little on the thick side so i got OPI shatter instead and this went to the bottom of my collection, 3 months later AT MOST its all dried up.. I wouldnt recommend this and i wont be repurchasing.

EDIT: I got another crackle bottle (free gift from purchasing other products) and tried it out of interest, again it was very thick and doesnt apply well..just waiting for it to dry up also!

Nichole W.
i hate these!

when crackle came out i tried these at first, i hated them. they didnt crack at all. i would never by these again. if you want a good crackle, go to clare's.

Stephanie V.

I really liked the crackle but I only had it for a couple months and the whole bottle dried out! I would not buy this brand again but I may go for a different crackle brand because it looked pretty cool.

Victoria D.
Not bad

I have a few colors of this, white, black, and gold. They aren't too bad! They crackle pretty well, but they are super thick and fast drying. Which can be good and bad mostly. The gold is a little sheer, but the black and white are very, very opaque. I'm happy enough with them.

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Ari T.

I see when people post reveiws that they say it dry's fast. Well not only it drys fast but it drys out in the bottle. I have had this polish for around 2 months and have only used it twice. Never buy this, u do better with anything other!