Soleil De Tan Bronzing Makeup Base

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Ellen S.

This is such a beautiful and luxurious product. I have an medium skin tone so i have been using this to bronze/contour my face depending on the look i want, i use a stippling brush with it and i just looks flawless. will definitely repurchase when i run out. if i ever do!!!

Gabriela C.

This is my favorite complexion enhancing product. I have a skin tone that lightens and darkens with the seasons due to sun exposure. In the summer, I mix this with my foundation to darken it so it matches better and in winter I use it to give me a contoured bronzed look by sweeping in that "3" shape using a foundation blending brush and working it into the crease of my eyes using an eyeshadow blending brush. It's definitely a natural bronze, not too pink or orange, and it has a luminous-- not shimmery finish.

McCall H.
Be careful when applying!

This is a beautiful color of bronzer! Just be careful with how you apply it because it's very easy to apply too much and look unnatural as hell. If you use a fluffy brush with a light hand, it looks stunning. Also, the color is beautiful! Think more golden brown than orange and I truly think it is a universally flattering bronze since it can build really well. While pricey, you get a lot of product for your money. As in, you proportionally get more product in this container than any other Chanel purchase I've made. It'll last a long time so buy it!

Saidah J.

Can't say its my must have but still i love it. It's good for natural day look. I like the packaging and just somehow i really like whole idea of this creamy bronzer by CHANEL. Good product. Like it

S Michelle D.
So Smooth...

I love Chanel so I absolutely had to get this over the summer and test it out. It is incredibly smooth but it took me a few times of trial and error to apply the product correctly for my skin tone. Once I figured it out I was in love and didn't want to take it out of my makeup routine.

Marisa R.
absolutely amazing

Of course this bronzer is pricey, but you truly get what you pay for with this product. You get nice slim pretty packaging, an amazing product(the smells really nice) and a lot of product inside ! what more could you ask for ?! this is a great bronzer for adding color and warmth to the face and also for contouring. The cream/mousse dries to a powder type of finish, so it is okay for use on oily skin. Love this stuff !

Ashley W.

Ok this was very hard for me to find . But after a few months of hunting I found it and Haven't put it down. Its super easy to use . Looks and smell great . I love Chanel.

Nathalie M.

First off - let me just say that the smell of this product is DIVINE. Part of the reason I like to wear it is because of the scent! It makes me feel so feminine and luxurious!

Aside from that, it is truly a great product. Before this I had always tried powder bronzers, but I love this because it looks more natural on the skin.

When I first purchased it and the lady at the counter tested it on me, she used a regular foundation brush. They happened to be sold out of it, so I couldn't purchase it anyway, but when I went home and looked at myself in natural lighting, it was extremely blotchy. I was pretty disappointed but figured it was just the way she applied it.

A few days later I finally got my hands on it, and bought this brush: to use with it. PERFECT RESULTS!

As long as you use some sort of rounded synthetic face brush, and blend thoroughly, you will achieve great results.

The price is steep, but I know this will last me a long time because there is a good amount of product, so I'm sure I'll end up repurchasing it in the future.

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Theresa G.
I love this product : )

I love this bronzer. The texture is amazing and smells great! I mainly use it for contouring all year round but this summer I used it as an all over bronzer. The best brush that does not shed using this product is the Sigma angled kabuki. Pricey product but a little goes a long way.

Mary P.
Soleil Tan De Chanel LOVE!

I use this as a bronzer, this is on my top 5 favorite bronzer list. Its a mousse consistency with a velvet finish and its amazing! in my opinion; Its very easy to blend with the right brush, I use my kabuki brush, I go easy because a small amount goes a long way and you can easily over do this. I love love love the sun kissed glow it gives me. This is pricey but I think its worth every penny! no regrets and highly recommended.