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I had 6 of these I think and they were nice, but my daughter has taken them all and she loves them more than putting on lipstick. The colors are so vibrant.

Very Nice!

Most of my lipsticks are Nyx Rounds and they keep my lips moist and the color is so nice. They have a nice shine, so much so I don't have to use any gloss.

Love all 3!

I have all 3 shades and they are great bases. Pearl is the one I like most because it gives a bit of shimmer which I love and it's great from keeping my shadows from creasing.

Love them all!

I've purchased every color and love using them as a base. They help make my eyeshadow pop! I love that they're not expensive and much more inexpensive when I purchase them on ebay.


I don't know about any other shade but Luminance is one of my favorite things from elf. My face looks so great after using this and I get so many compliments.

On the fence!

This product is okay I guess. I can't really tell the difference when using it from when I don't. The smell isn't pleasant to me a cucumber scent that's not really the best smell.

Adore it!

Gotta me hooked on this blush. Glowing is certainly how it leave my face. When I say I love it...I'm so serious! The pigments are beautiful and it doesn't wear off during your day or evening!

Love It!!!!

This works wonders on my dry skin and it has me looking nice and together all day. Don't think thought that the bottle is full, it's a little more than half full in the bottle but you don't have to use a lot. I just purchased 3 during the 70% off anniversary sale this Summer.

For Summer Use

This was great for wearing during the Summer months when I want a very light coverage, especially when out doing outdoors activities. Also my skin has become dry and this works well on dry skin.

Eye makeup remover for me!

I don't use this for removing makeup only my eyeshadow when I'm switching from one eye look to another. I tried to use it to remove makeup but it was a bit rough on my skin so I stick to my makeup melts for that.

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