Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder

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Mary C.

I don't know about any other shade but Luminance is one of my favorite things from elf. My face looks so great after using this and I get so many compliments.

Lacey F.

ME LOVE! this is a great highlighter! it works with every skin tone! its also nice becuase it really gives you a nice glow, i blend it over my blush and bronzer and it just looks sooo amazing!!!!

Nikki C.

Luminance adds the perfect highlight and glow to my skin. I've always had issues finding a good bronzer to make my skin glow naturally since I'm so pale, but this really works perfect for me! It is very shimmery, and I don't like massive amounts of shimmer on my face so I use it sparingly. But nevertheless, this is a great product and for a dollar is definitely worth the buy!

Janie L.
Good for $1

I own every one of these and they are all really great for $1. Luminance is my favorite, it adds the perfect highlight skin and makes it look like its glowing. Matte Bronze is my least favorite because its not dark enough to contour with on darker skin tones.

Jane F.
Good for a light touch.

I'm pretty fair skinned, and this doesn't really add any bronzing/darkening, just a bit of a sparkle effect.

Nice for everyday usage, but I prefer a bronzer that adds a bit of a "tan" to my face.