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Holy Grail Bronzer!

I recently bought this even though I was afraid there would be too much sparkle in it. I bought it and oh my goodness!! This stuff is AMAZING! The blush is a little below par but I like it for a highlight. The bronzer does have a little sparkle and when you really blend it in you can't even tell that it has sparkle. I am medium skin tone and I have very beige undertones, I was using a physicians formula cashmere bronzer and although I like wasn't my favorite, BUT this E.L.F. Bronzer is perfect!!

I love this stuff! I am trying so hard to get my hair into the best condition that it can be before I start trying to lighten it to blonde. This is a GREAT conditioner and even though I have slightly oily hair this is the perfect conditioner. It's not oily, it's moisturizing!! This is great!!

I love these! Great Value for the price!!

For the price these are AMAZING nail polish! My favorite color right now is Dreamy Poppy! It is a wonderful pink color with slight blue undertones...nothing heavy though so it still works great with any skin tone! For me this nail polish is a must have in ANY collection!

Okay...for some colors......

I like the effect that this nail polish gives my nails, and it dries sooooo fast. It is a little thick so you have to be careful how much of it you put on or the effect won't be the same. Also you have to apply it kind of evenly or it won't have a even thickness to it all. I love the look and with a really glossy topcoat over it, it quickly became my favorite nail accessory! However you have to pick a good color to go underneath it. I used a really shimmery coral color and it kind of looked like halloween. I put a shimmery purple underneath it and I couldn't see the purple for the black. I LOVE a good hot pink underneath it. Part girly, part rocker chic! 100% fun!

Not Great For Powder :( Amazing with Liquid Foundation!! :)

I got this brush after months and months of lusting after it! I finally purchased it. I bought two so I could test one on liquid foundation and one on setting powder. For me it didn't work so well with the setting powder. It doesn't really apply an even coat...BUT for liquid foundation it works like a dream!! I love applying my liquid foundation with this brush and usually I don't like brushes for that at ALL! Over all a GREAT purchase!! And for $3 you can't beat the price anywhere else!

Way Better Than I Expected It To Be!!

This mascara really shocked me! I have used the Covergirl Lash Blast before and honestly it didn't WOW me. I tried this because I am a mascara junkie and am always hoping for a better mascara! This is pretty decent formula...after a week it is only slightly dry. I like the full, flirty almost babydoll like eyes...slightly clumpy if you will. I absolutely love the big, oversized brush. It reminds me a lot of the Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara only with a plastic brush. Although I don't think it will replace my Lo'real Volumious Million Lashes (Plastic brush as well!!) But lately I have been reaching for this more often than anything else right now!

BEST Gel Eyeliner for the Price!!

Wow.....I kinda can't believe that this awesome little product isn't getting much love. This is without a doubt one of the BEST gel eyeliners I have ever used! I used the L'Oreal one, The Wet and Wild one and they all flake on me. This one goes on super fast and doesn't flake at all!!! AND believe it or not I absolutely love the brush that comes with it. I think it takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it this brush is easier to use than an angled brush. Overall for the price point this is a product I will DEFINITELY purchase again and again!!!!!

This Gloss by Revlon really surprised me.....I like alot of Revlon products and this one didn't let me down! I love the applicator. It is a sponge tip but it is flexible so you can use both sides almost like a brush! The colors are beautiful and you do get a sheer wash of the color. Not sticky but gel like enough that the color lasts a while...definitely one of my favorite lipglosses!

BEST Drugstore Foundation!!

This is without a doubt my HOLY GRAIL foundation. I have tried so many but I always come back to this one. It is definitely full coverage which I love but after working a long shift in food service, my makeup is still there and flawless. It delivers a matte finish which I adore. There are only two con's that I can see.

1) It doesn't have a pump top so the bottle gets a little messy! 2) It dries pretty fast so you have to work in small sections to get even coverage! Over all I definitely give this product five stars!

I love this eyeliner. It is my everyday eyeliner. VERY black! Blacker than my UD one. PLUS it has way easier application. the only thing I don't like about it, is that I have very oily lids and this seems to wear off really fast so I have to bring it along for touch ups. But for the price and can't be beat!

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