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Don't waste your money on this mascara, it was the first thing I ever got from MAC, and it is also the worst thing I have ever bought from them. It makes my lashes really clumpy and the product itself is just really horribly made.

These guys will not budge once on your skin, I couldn't believe the staying power that they have. They are great for everyday colour, but not so great for shoots if you have to change the makeup.

it looks like a hot mess..I really don't like these.. I started using them when i was 15, and they didn't do anything for me..13 years later I still hate them.

If you wear this alone it doesn't look so good, but if it's over foundation it gives you a nice even skin tone. I don't like this for dark circles but i like it for blemishes.

I wouldn't purchase again!

I didn't find these pigmented at all.. maybe it was just my luck? But I really didn't like them at all, I have three of them and none of them look good.

There isn't anything to say except that you hardly need any product because they are so pigmented. A little goes a REAAAAAAALLY long way! I love the variety of colours, you can mix them together and make awesome colours!

I always end up going back to this stuff, it never fails to make my skin look good. I just love it! It honestly does help you if you use it twice a day, once in the morning and then again before bed! The toner does have a horrid smell, I'm not going to lie but honestly Clinique makes the best skin care products and always makes my skin look amazing!

I love the variety of colours that it comes in, but I found that it really wasn't long lasting at all. They only stayed on for a few hours, maybe 2 and the most. I wasn't very impressed with this.

The day I bought this my lips were really chapped, and I immediately put this on, and it was the weirdest textured chap stick I've ever tried. It was a dry texture and I needed to apply alot in order for it to do anything. Of course I ended up losing it like every other chap stick.

I was using this stuff for a few months, and it really isn't the best primer. I recently went back to using my Gosh primer, and it is much better! I don't even want to go back to this stuff anymore! It didn't help keep my makeup on and I found that it dried out my skin a little bit.

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