Urban Decay

Liquid Liner


Raven N.
Pretty colors - that's about it...

I had been checking these out at Sephora for the longest time - the colors are SO pretty! I finally bought the bright purple one (I think for around $19) and I regret it big time. IDK if it is just this color?? It is really kind of thick/goopy and damn near chunky. Which makes it really hard to spread. I have to go over the line many times to make it opaque and it still doesn't look nice and smooth. The brush isn't stiff enough to aid in spreading the product out, and does not come to a nice point whatsoever so makes it really difficult to shape the line nicely. The bottle is shaped like a sphere and the brush does not go all the way to the bottom so it is really hard to get all the product out and the product is too thick to shake onto the brush. I also find that if you get too much product on the brush, you still can't win because when you scrape it back into the tube you practically are left with none on the brush at all because it is so thick it won't soak into the brush. Can you tell I don't like this? Will not repurchase or recommend to anyone.

Stephanie S.

I really liked these, and I am sad that they were discontinued in favor of the 24/7 liquid liners. I had several colors, but Smog was my favorite. It was a nice antiqued golden brown that looked really pretty on my eye color. The brush was just the right size and width to apply nice clean lines, though the formula could really thicken up over time. It wears very well, even on more oily lids.

Kaylah A.
Good but not worth the money

Id have to say this is a GOOD product but i wouldnt repurchase it. it has a good consistancy but it dries out n gets clumpy quickly. i HATE the packaging. its hard to get the product out and the brush handle is too short and its kind of awkward.

Victoria D.
I want this so bad!

I was lusting after a bright purple eyeliner for the longest time, and I prefer liquid, so I finally bit the bullet and bought this. I wanted to love it sooo much! The color comes out gorgeous, a rich, shimmering, radiant purple. Exactly what I was looking for. However, the brush is really a problem, but the product itself also tends to sort of, goop up on the brush. I need to re-dip my brush several times to even complete a single line on my eyelid, which makes making a consistent line very difficult. I've tried using my own, angled eyeliner brush to apply this, but the product still seems to goo-up on it, making me re-dip several times to get a complete line.

Julianne J.
Love it!

I got this eyeliner a long time ago- as a xmas gift. One of the best gifts ever! Anyhow, I think this is one of Urban's best products and a staple for any beauty kit or makeup collection. Oil slick is a sexy, sparkly black with an oily wet sheen. I love that it is a great black liquid eyeliner- but with a little edge. The little bottle is very cute, and though small, still holds a good amount of product. I haven't experienced any dried up product either. The liner has a nice consistency and the brush is pretty good for a liquid liner brush. Its thick enough that you can lay the brush flat on the eye to create a thick cat-eye and has a nice tapered tip for thin lines (although it doesn't have the precision of a felt-tip eyeliner pen). Oil Slick and my regular black drugstore liquid liner are my two go-tos for a sexy cat eye- either jet black and glossy( drugstore liquid liner- CORRECTION : L'oreal Lineur Intense), or grey and sparkly( Oil Slick from UD). I really wish I had more of these liquid liners because the formula and pigmentation is so great. I know gel/creme liners are so popular now but I still love me some liquid liner!

Somakeuphie Y.
The only eyeliner easy to apply!

Before those eyeliners, I was always putting a thick line of black or brown. It didn't matter how much time and patience I was involving while I was applying eyeliner. I couldn't get over it. But since now, I can apply eyeliner " I don't know whether it is about the brush or about the about the texture. The only downside is... it dries up too fast ! :D

Jani M.
Seriously addicted to these liners!

My HG liquid liner. They were amazing. Extremely pigmented, and long lasting. They have such an amazing collection of colors that just scream, "Fun!" I only have Perversion, but I really want to try their other colors.

Georgia Y.
Love these eyeliners!

The liner is super long lasting and the colours are soo intense! They're gorgeous! I've got Oil Slick and Gash and they're both amazing! Would love to get some more. the only thing that i dont like about them is the way the brush is packaged, if you're not carefull when you pull it out you can waste a lot of the product!

Sandy W.

This is my ultimate go-to liquid liner. I would always have one in my collection. I like to try out different liquid liners but when I know I need my liner to stay on all day and not smudge I would always use this one. AWESOME!

Naomi D.
Radium and Minx
Photo of product included with review by Naomi D.

I love the color and shine of these two eyeliners. I used to use pencils all the time, but decided try this type of liner. I love how easily it goes on and the fact that it has never clumped (I've had it for about 5 months). The only problem I have with the product is that when it gets low, you have to twist the bottle all the way shut to reach the bottom! Overall, it's a great product, long lasting, and worth the price.