Zoom Lash

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Jennifer F.
Not worth the price

Don't get me wrong I LOVE MAC makeup but this product isn't really worth the price. Your drug store mascara does a better job. Personally I would not buy this again! ♡

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Myrna P.

I like this mascara. I have used all of it already and think it does a good job of lengthening the eyelashes. I think that you can get the same effect or turnout with a drugstore mascara. The cost I think is pretty decent as well.

Maryam F.

Zoom Lash is my favourite mascara that MAC has. ( including Zoom Fast Black Lash)

The tricky thing with mascara's I find, and that goes for any brand, you have to give the mascara a few days or a few uses to see the dramatic results.

The thing I love about this product is that I can get my lashes really thick and clumpy looking. Usually not EVERYONE likes the dramatic clumpy look, but I do :)

And compared to a lot of other high end brands like Dior or Lancome, I think the price is reasonable.

Janel B.

For my lashes, this mascara was almost able to do everything: lengthen, darken, thicken, and give volume to my lashes. However, the formula was very wet that it didn't hold my curls at all and that's why I gave it an average score.

Raya Z.
Simple and effective

It's my everyday mascara and I like the way it applies onto my lashes. I got it originally as a present and then repurchased it myself. I haven't tried any of the other MAC mascara's so I'm thinking I should switch it up and find one I love. But it's definitely a good mascara, it comes off clean and doesn't flake, it lasts long and it hasn't clumped with me, lastly it does add a bit of length to my lashes which is always nice.

Whitney N.
Great for everyday

I like the formula which made application smooth and the small brush is perfect for long or short lashes. With one coat (which is what I usually like for everyday) the mascara is seems to be very similar to one at your local drugstore. I gave my lashes lift but the color is not boldly black like I usually like but it works.

Heidi R.
It was ok

I really did love this product but the only problem i had was that it would mark me under my eyes. I seemed to have that problem with all MAC mascaras. I tried everything and just couldn't figure out how to avoid it or prevent it from happening.

Damaris C.
A great everyday mascara.
Photo of product included with review by Damaris C.

The MAC Zoom lash mascara is actually the first MAC mascara I've ever tried and I love it. I apply it to my top lashes for an everyday look and when I want to glam it up a little I apply it to my bottom lashes as well. I love that the formula isn't clumpy what so ever. I have not had any issues with my lashes sticking together at all.

Evalynn P.

I was so excited when I got this mascara because of how much I love M.A.C. When I used it, I was very disappointed. I felt like there was never enough mascara on the wand that I had to dip, apply, dip, apply, dip, apply and times that by 10. On top of that I expected to lengthen my didn't. Within that month I went back to the M.A.C store and had a conversation with a girl that works there and she said that M.A.C. isn't known for their mascara and that she doesn't even wear it because she wasn't too happy with it either.

Anneka F.
Bad brush.

I really don't like the brush on this - it just doesn't apply the mascara to my lashes very nicely. Either can't get much on or its really clumpy ... Bleugh! I like the formula though, so I was using my disposable mascara wands on it - not worth wasting them on myself though.