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I actually really liked these! I was recently on vacation and I picked them up because I heard great things about them, and instead of taking my makeup off then washing my face... they do both! They are great at taking makeup off, i hardly had to use any pressure and the makeup just came right off! I just love them, and they also smell amazing!

I've had this perfume for a few years now, and I still have a lot left. It is by far one of my favourite perfumes ever. There is something so unique and amazing about this.. it's so hard to explain but it smells so good! I will definitely buy a new one when this one runs out!

I miss this stuff! I was in love with this stuff when I had it! I ran out of it really fast because I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and I used it all the time! I used to bring it to school with me and everyone wanted to use it! I love how simple application is, I never used a brush.. I just sprayed it directly on my face and it looked great!

this thing is MASSIVE! I bought it a few weeks ago so I could take it on vacation with me, and I'm so glad that I bought it because it holds sooooo much! I was in shock when I saw it for the first time.. it's perfect for people who like to have a lot of makeup with them!

I love my belt! I own the pink one, and it holds all of the brushes I need when I'm working on clients, & it also has a spot to hold your business cards, which is so cute! I'm so happy with my purchase! :)

This is now my favourite brush to use with liquid foundation, it's quite small... but it blends things out amazingly, I am so glad I decided to use this brush! It's a must have for sure!

I love this blush! I think it looks amazing on every skin tone, but I think it looks best on people with tanned skin, it just adds a great glow to the skin! I actually got mine as my 500 point perk at Sephora...

I hardly use black eyeliner, that isn't a liquid... but I loved this stuff... until it magically disappeared... It was really creamy, and stayed on for a long time! I will be buying a new one soon!

I bought the original one about 4 years ago, it was always a little too dark for me, but I wanted to use it anyways, I bought the "light" one a few months ago, and I loved it! It's great for the summer when you don't want heavy makeup but you want a pretty good amount of coverage. I've said it once, but I'll say it again; Benefit has never disappointed me!

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I did a review on this product on youtube already, but I just have to say this concealer is amazing, it's so so so so creamy, and blends so easily! It also gives great coverage! It's one of my favourite products by Urban Decay! I will definitely buy it again!

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