Lip & Cheek Stain


Kristen W.
The Best Lip Stain.

I have episodes of eczema on my lips, so they are very sensitive and can be dry. This is the least drying lip stain I have ever used. I only have Yumberry Crush and Pomegranate Crush at the moment, but plan on trying the others. The color also stays on all day.

Mia B.
A Favorite

I have all the colors! I absolutely love Stila's Lip and Cheek Stains. As long as you're lips are moisturized before you apply them, it won't dry your lips out. You can go as light or dark as you want with all the shades. A couple coats for a touch of color and for a more intense color just layer it on. I love how you can eat and drink and the color doesn't fade. Adding a lip glaze also helps keep them from drying out but wait until it's set a bit before you do. That way, even if the lip gloss wears off, the stain will still be there :-)

Romee H.
great colors and not too dry!

One thing about lip stain, it drys lip! I used Maybelline and Laura Mercier lip stains, it either made my lips so dry looking or color wasn't pretty. I own 3 Stila lip stains absolutely love them! Yumberry crush( lightest pink color for everyday) raspberry crush( dark pinkish red) and acai crush( red color, I'm not red lip color person but I love this! I wear this color with my halloween witch costume, it worked perfect ^^) Stila lip stain doesn't make my lip dry or feel dry. Just put lip stain and lip balm on top, you are good to go all day!

Elena L.
Amazing stain
Photo of product included with review by Elena L.

Pros: Highly pigmented, lasts forever Cons: Twist dispenser is not precise

This is a very, VERY pigmented stain. It comes up a dark, blue-based berry red on my lips and is way too dark to use as a cheek stain. As this was exactly what I was looking for, I was very happy to find this product. If you're looking for a subtle red stain, then this isn't the right product.

As this is a stain, it just lasts and lasts. It does fade a little if you eat and drink with it on, and becomes sort of a dark pinkish red. I have found that no matter what I do - eat, drink, lick my lips, smear lip balm all over, kiss - it is still impossible to get rid of this lip stain.

Application is a little difficult as the twist dispenser doesn't let you control precisely how much product comes out. If you're not careful, you can also put too much product in the same area and end up with blotchy-looking lips that are hard to fix. When keeping the lip stain, be sure to store it horizontally. If you keep it on its tip for a long time, the liquid will flow out and pool in the cap.

All in all though, this is a fantastic product that I will definitely repurchase. If you're looking for a lip product that will last through hell or highwater, this is it. Make sure to apply it on dry lips, before lip balm and lipstick.

Ashley G.

These guys will not budge once on your skin, I couldn't believe the staying power that they have. They are great for everyday colour, but not so great for shoots if you have to change the makeup.

Lauren T.
Great stain, super versatile.

My friend recommended this to me while at Sephora a few years ago, and I have not been without a tube since. The brush makes it easy to apply and keeps it mess-free. This is my every-day lip wear. On cheeks, it gives a beautiful blush without being too overdramatic. I hate the smell, though. To me, it's vaguely chemical. But it doesn't smell once it's on your face, so I don't mind so much.

Elena L.

Pros: Lasts Cons: Weird shimmery frosty colour when you apply a thick layer

I have the lip and cheek stain in Mango Crush and Acai Crush. Oddly enough, I find that the Mango Crush is less drying on the lips than the Acai Crush. It has great staying power, and lasts a good 3-4 hours, even with eating and drinking. When the original colour fades, it doesn't feather, but leaves a soft peachy stain on my lips. Make sure to apply this on dry lips, BEFORE lip balm and lipstick.

Soo N.
good stain, terrible packaging

I would like this a lot more if the packaging was more appropriate. Stila constructed them to resemble their lip glazes and I don't agree with it at all. You can't control how much product you use with it and the brush applicator makes strokes of product very obvious considering how fast it dries.

Other than that, it smells yummy and is a great stain if you're looking for long wear. I suggest using a brush and put some product on a palette or something else rather than using its actual packaging.

Lilah N.
Really Works

It really does stain your lips. Be careful when you apply this product, make sure you don't get it anywhere else. If you have dry lips you should avoid this product or make sure you moisturize before hand! Apply the product and top it off with a little lipgloss!

Nadia N.

I had this in cherry crush and it definitely stained my lips and cheeks. It really looked weird on my cheeks. It looked bright red instead of a nice cherry pink and on my lips it looked red which I like. I love reds but it dried my lips out and I put lip balm on before and it wouldn't stain.