Prep + Prime Skin

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Jessica D.

I've been using this base primer for about 6 years now? I've never done a review on this product so I thought I'd share my 6 year experience! I love this product and it does everything it says it's supposed to do. Truly a holy grail! I always apply this under my liquid foundation or powder and it makes my makeup last longer. It calms, soothes and hydrates my skin and evens out my skin tone and controls any excess oils most especially in my t-zone area. It minimizes any fine lines and wrinkles and makes foundation application so much easier. This works great when applying concealer under your eyes, it sets your concealer nicely and doesn't make it look cakey whatsoever. It is and will be the only base primer I will ever use.

Without applying this base before putting on powder or liquid foundation my makeup application just doesn't look the same. I almost feel like I have to apply more to get the coverage I want. Whether I have little or more coverage than usual, it just doesn't look as great and the length of how long my foundation stays on is shorter. This product is worth the try, I recommend it to anyone who wants a very smooth and flawless finish with their powder or liquid foundation. You combine this with MAC's Strobe Cream and Fix+ we're talking "AMAZING" here!

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Jules F.
Smooth's Skin for Perfect Foundation Application.

I use this EVERYDAY. It is silicone based so It fills in and smooths out texture, large pores, fine lines etc... You want to first apply moisturizer (let that sink in for a few minutes) THEN...the primer. You don't need to apply it all over face. I usually apply it on my Cheeks, Nose, T-Zone area. (A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY, I use about 1/2 a pump) Also...another tip is to let this dry COMPLETELY. If you apply your foundation immediately it will not work. You have to let it dry down and you will see how easily your foundation glides on and it make's your skin look like Dollskin!!! <3

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Valencia F.
Primed for perfection

I could never ditch this primer for another. I have combo skin and it works great for me on every inch that I apply it to. My foundation goes on silky smooth and remains that way for the whole day. I do have to do touch ups but without this primer I would have to redo my whole face. I dig this primer.

The main ingredient in the product is silicone...if your skin is oily you may want to find a silicone based oil control primer or switch foundation.

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Charlene D.

Definitely helped improve my foundation application. Blots away excess oil....not so much, but that could be b/c as the day goes on I'm a very oily person. After 3-4hrs of applying my face routine I'm shiny.

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Ashley G.

I was using this stuff for a few months, and it really isn't the best primer. I recently went back to using my Gosh primer, and it is much better! I don't even want to go back to this stuff anymore! It didn't help keep my makeup on and I found that it dried out my skin a little bit.

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Eve  A.
Wanted More!

At the time I was really excited to use this primer, but what turned me off after using it was the little bits of glitter found in every pump. I wanted the matte finish, instead of looking like I patted eye shadow onto my whole face.

I could definitely do without it.

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Arait M.

I have oily skin so I have to invest in a "GREAT" Primer....and this is definitely not it. While this may be perfect with someone with combination or dry skin its not for the 'oilier' customers. It doesn't last more than an hour and I'm usually oily at least 30 -45 minutes after. But then again, thats my skin yours may be different.

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Jessica H.
not s fan of this

Not a fan of the primmer I do not like the smell or the sparkle in it. It irritates my skin. I mean if you just want to prime your face its okay but i feel there are better out there and I love mac.

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Christina B.
smooth as silk

just purchased this and i love it ! it goes on so smooth and leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. helped my foundation stay on alot longer than i thought it would last.i was really surprised at how well it worked.

Denise H.
FLAWLESS SKIN one extra step before your beauty routine.

For a very long time I had this primer in my kit... among many other items it was lost in the wreck I call my makeup bag until one day I finally decided to try it. MAC Skin Visage Prep + Prime is a magic potion for flawless skin in a sleek little black bottle. It goes on super soft and makes for a perfect base to apply foundation minimizing the effects of large pores. It is feather light and a little goes along way to cover a whole face. Without this product makeup would be pointless JUST POINTLESS!!! I have Photoshop skin without the Photoshop. I couldn't ask for anything more. xoxoxoxo