Prep + Prime Skin


Rawrin R.

My skin is left smooth and beautiful! It holds my foundation on for the day but I feel like it's missing something. I feel like it feels to heavy on my face.

Sarah T.
Serious breakout causer !

I can't say this product doesn't do what it says on the bottle, but I can say it doesn't mention the serious breakouts it causes ! I will only use this now for a night out when my makeup needs to stay on all night , but my skin always suffers the next day :(

Susie S.

I'm not a huge fan of primers or anything else. I only like to wear foundation and powder. No concealer or anything crazy. Hence, i was sold into buying this product while browsing through MAC. I asked the girl for a sample so I can try it out and test it out to see if I like the results. I went in today to buy a bottle of Prep+Prime =). It looked great, my makeup stayed on all day and my face looked really soft and smooth

Ashton W.
great, but not for oily skin

First off, this product is a great primer and I use it on my clients who have normal or dry skin. It's really smooth and gives you a flawless base to apply your makeup. It has a light shimmer/iridescence to it which is nice because it's not too much but adds a nice little glow to your skin and makeup. Also, this bottle lasts a pretty long time since the product is so silky you really only need a little to go a long way. However, if you have oily or shiny skin this probably wont be a good fit. I personally have oily skin and though it did help my makeup to stick during the application process, after a couple hours you will start to cake up and get oily, so be prepared with blotting papers and powder to re-set your makeup throughout the day. Unfortunately, for those of you with oily skin like me, liquid or cream primers are going to do this no matter're better off with a powder formula or a setting powder. Note too that really oily skin is ALWAYS going to show shine at some point during the day, it's just how it is. There is NO product that keeps shine away all day for those with really oily skin, it's just how it is (but hey, at least your skin wont wrinkle as fast!) but a good marker of products for oily skin is if it can keep shine away for 4+ hours. 2 hours is the typical blotting mark for those with oily skin, so a product that can go beyond that is really good. My clients who have normal or dry skin just look perfect with this product though...this girl is super jealous!!!

Christina B.
smooth as silk

just purchased this and i love it ! it goes on so smooth and leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. helped my foundation stay on alot longer than i thought it would last.i was really surprised at how well it worked.

Denise H.
FLAWLESS SKIN one extra step before your beauty routine.

For a very long time I had this primer in my kit... among many other items it was lost in the wreck I call my makeup bag until one day I finally decided to try it. MAC Skin Visage Prep + Prime is a magic potion for flawless skin in a sleek little black bottle. It goes on super soft and makes for a perfect base to apply foundation minimizing the effects of large pores. It is feather light and a little goes along way to cover a whole face. Without this product makeup would be pointless JUST POINTLESS!!! I have Photoshop skin without the Photoshop. I couldn't ask for anything more. xoxoxoxo

Kira D.
Great for Oily Skin!

This primer is good for keep makeup in perfect condition throughout the day but does have a tendency to sink into fine lines along my forehead so be careful when applying setting powders over the top of your foundation.

Use sparingly as a little goes a long way! The pump bottle allows more control with the amount you use each time.

Not the best but does the job.

Itesha M.
HG Primer

This primer is absolutely amazing. I only use it when I am applying a full face of makeup. It keeps foundation and concealer from seeping into fine lines. And it keeps oil at bay ALL DAY! This primer makes your skin look perfect after applying foundation. It also has light reflecting particles in it which make the skin appear more luminous. I hope this primer is never discontinued!

Arait M.

I have oily skin so I have to invest in a "GREAT" Primer....and this is definitely not it. While this may be perfect with someone with combination or dry skin its not for the 'oilier' customers. It doesn't last more than an hour and I'm usually oily at least 30 -45 minutes after. But then again, thats my skin yours may be different.

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Elinor Q.
An okay Product

This is the first face primer that I have used, so do not have others to compare to. However, for the cost of the product I don't feel that it is worth the money! Whenever I use it, I can never tell much difference to my foundation compared to when I go without. Overall, I'm sure there are better out there.