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Beauty Product Reviews


Kind of weird. It said it was supposed to detangle and add some life back to my locks...I didn't get that feeling ;-/.. Great for light beach style days Bad for lasting hold weird smell When the product gets on your hand it is really slippery and makes the can extremely hard to handle.

cant say enough good things!

I picked this up on a random purchase....and am in love!!! I got the orange one because I needed an orange base, I seriously have found a way to use the color for everything since I bought it!! I've really wanted to but the similar lip/cheek ones That MUfe has but those are 22$... these are a cheap and wonderful alt.! Great color payoff, don't crease, and have a touch of glitter!

not worth 5 bucks

I ordered this thinking it would be great because I have oily skin. It was way to light for me. I felt like I had just put translucent powder on. I prefer more coverage. I also felt like there was a bit to much shimmer in it I know its a mineral product, so really I got what I payed for but I digress, money can be sent elsewhere for better coverage


I love this product! It softens and ads shine to my hair without being over greasy. A bit pricey, around 8-10 for the small bottle and between 12-14 for the big bottle. A great cheaper product is the frizz ease serum. Its cheaper but not the same

ok scrub

Im not in love but its a mutual relationship. I like the scrub and it doesn't overdry my face. Im not crazy about the smell. I like grapefruit scented things but this smells more like grapefruit rind. I think I boutgh mine for around $5 at walmart.

good lash glue

Only one I've ever used. Great at gluing on jewels and small decals to your face as well. The dark one smells a bit, and it cost $8 well st sephora it did.:/ but im sure I could find a cheaper alternative

ok brush

I've bought a few of these, at $1 its a great price! Each brush is a bit different, in the hair texture or length.(especially if you order online) but it blends well and gets the job done.

good travel pick

I've bought a few of these and im contenet with the color payoff. There ideal for travel because you get multiple looks in one palette. Some colors are a little too soft/chalky but decent overall!

a little goes a long way

all i can think of everytime i see this product is an old episode of antm where one of the girls always rubs vasaline on her skin and the roommates get made because she gets everything greasy! lol i love this product but use it sparingly! the smell is really nice as well!

good alt.

i used this when i had both of my tattoos done, i liked it it. no smell not overly greasy or messy for that matter. and you can use this for skin irritations or itching and it really does help!

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