Aquaphor Healing Ointment


Melanie C. Team
no more chapped lips!

Aquaphor, let me count the ways of how I love thee! My lips are no longer dry since I started using it everyday and I also use it to apply after fresh tattoos (up to four days). My color and tattoos have never healed better than when I use Aquaphor right after I get some work done. A little goes a long way. I'll have to try it on my heels next.

Frannie B.
Must have!

I love mixing this product with my cetaphil face moisturizer to give me all day hydration! Another plus to this product is that when I use it under my foundation it gives me that perfect "dewy" look (;

Harlyn T.

I love this stuff! My mom has had a jar since I was like, 6, and I just bought my own tub! I love it for my tattoos and during the winter when my lips get super dry, I also toss it on excema spots I get on my elbows!

Emily W.
Works wonders!

I've been using this for years for my dry skin and rough hands and feet and it really works wonders! It came as no surprise when I got my first tattoo that my artist recommended Aquaphor to help my tattoo stay moisturized while it healed. Now I use it to keep my skin fresh and hydrated. Wonderful product that never disappoints!

Jennifer B.
Was recommended to me by my tattoo artist.

When I got my first tattoo, I was recommended this. Not only is it good for tattoos, but it is great for dry skin, and even my psoriasis. I love how it doesn't have a smell, because scented lotions really makes my skin all funny. Love it!

Sofia B.
Really Smooth(:

I love this product. The texture is both creamy and icy-ish at the same time. Not your typical body cream(: I dont have any tattoos but I do have really dry legs and it does the job and makes them soft(:

Kaitlin J.
Great for tattoos and severely dry skin!

I used this for my tattoo and it worked great! It helped the skin heal quicker than my friend who got her at the same time as me and used normal unscented lotion.

Also I have horrible dry feet so at night I like to soak my feet in a milk bath then slather on a decent amount of this before putting socks on and going to sleep. You wake up the next morning with soft feet!

Erica H.

I especially use this product if i have a burn from leaving hair removal cream a little too long!! This products heals my burns right away and it doesn't hurt anymore.The skin probably takes another couple of days to heal which is alright for me because as long as I apply I won't feel any burning sensation. I think it's about 8$ at target/walmart.

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Katie P.
New found love!

I had a big jar of this and no idea what to use it for! I bought this to use for all of my tattoos and it worked amazing! Every tattoo artist I went to recommended this and I can see why! This is also amazing for chapped lips. I used this for the red dry patchy areas on my face as well. I slathered some of this on at night and It significantly reduced the redness/ flakes. By the next day I had no problems. I have acne prone skin and this was very soothing. If I ever run out of my giant tub Ill defiantly be purchasing more :]

Davia G.
Great For So Many Reasons!

Let me say this.... Miracle worker in a jar! This Scentless ointment is a miracleworker for skin of all ages and types! I used this ointment for healing on all of my 13 tattoos and when I had my Permanent Cosmetic Eyeliner Done! When my Hubby's hands are chapped (he hates scented anything) he reaches for the jar! I also use this on my 6 year old and my 5 month old little face :)