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Great for oily skin

This foundation is fantastic. I have sensitive skin and I am prone to break outs. I have been using this product for years. I have combination skin. When I have oily skin, this is perfect to absorb the oils. I especially recommend this to anyone with oily skin. It feels like nothing is on the skin, and looks natural. The great thing is it is buildable.

This foundation is perfect for my skin. I have sensitive skin and tend to break out very easily. This foundation lets your skin breathe, and looks so natural. This has buildable coverage. You can always add more for more coverage. I also feel it does not need touch ups throughout the day.


I absolutely love my konad. I get compliments on it all of the time. I use it all of the time and overall it's a great product. It is hard to do at first because you have to learn the tricks on how to properly use it. However if you are into nail art, you HAVE to get this!! I recommend this for anyone who loves nail art and wants a nice manicure or pedicure with some nail art!

This product made me a bit hesitant. I really love high beam so I wanted to try this one out. I think it is a good product but I don’t like how watery it is. I think that if I put the product on my finger it could roll off and just make my whole finger red. It is weird but I really am not too satisfied with this product. So many people love it on youtube so I wanted to try to it. I think that there are a lot better cheek tints that are a lot less expensive.

I love this product. This product gives a highlight and a bronze look onto the cheeks. I think that this is a great way to understand how to give yourself a contoured cheek bone. I recommend this to anyone who wants to give themselves a bit of a shine to their cheeks, a bronzey-ness to their cheeks, and contour their cheekbones.

This product is great. It gives a shine, I like to put it under my eyes. It makes my bags less visible. I think this product is great under a concealer or foundation. I also like to use it on the lid to give a bit of a shine to my makeup. I would recommend this to anyone who has a bit of under eye darkness.

I like the colossal volume express mascara more than this one. However this one is still great! It doesn’t clump, doesn’t have a scent, it does the job. However I love to volumize my lashes so I prefer the colossal volume express mascara by Maybelline more than this specific one. This mascara makes your lashes very flattering! I also love that it is waterproof

This mascara has become my every day mascara. Everyone compliments my lashes saying they look great and ask what I curled them with. I absolutely love this mascara and recommend it for anyone. It is a drug store brand so it is very easy to find and not as expensive as other mascaras. Other mascaras that are way more expensive than this do the same job as this mascara. I really love this mascara!! Definitely a new favorite! ☺

This product is incredible. I use the stila stay all day liquid eyeliner every day but recently I have run out of that product at school. I decided to pick up the lorac front of the line pro liquid eyeliner and use it. I got it in a set, so I did not buy this individually. But I absolutely love this product! It covers perfectly and does a great line. It does not smudge, it comes off with waterproof makeup remover easily, overall it is a great product. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who needs a great liquid eyeliner.

I really love Zoya nail polish. For Easter of 2011 my mom bought me a huge thing of Zoya nail polish. I was hooked right away! The colors are so beautiful! I use this product a lot and always buy Zoya now! There are such beautiful colors. Something that I love is that I can look up the color online and look at what it looks like on! I really love Zoya, it has become a new favorite!

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