Front of the Line PRO


angel s.

I picked this eyeliner up today as it came in one of Lorac's holiday gift boxes (which is a great deal, by the way) and swatched the tester on my hand and applied a fine line to my eyes. Mind you, that was 6 hours ago. I have washed my hands, I have done dishes, and even took a shower with my heavy duty face wash routine and the black is still very bold. One of the best felt tip liquid liners on the market.

Kenzie G.

absolutely love this product. i used to use the bobbi brown eye gel, and i loved that...but this product is a million times better. when wearing this, my eyeliner has never smudged or creased at all. infact, it is actually difficult to remove because it stays on so well. i will continue to use and buy this product, i am a huge fan! the thin tip on this eyeliner makes it extremely easy to create a straight line, and a thin line.

Lauren C.

This product is incredible. I use the stila stay all day liquid eyeliner every day but recently I have run out of that product at school. I decided to pick up the lorac front of the line pro liquid eyeliner and use it. I got it in a set, so I did not buy this individually. But I absolutely love this product! It covers perfectly and does a great line. It does not smudge, it comes off with waterproof makeup remover easily, overall it is a great product. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who needs a great liquid eyeliner.

Liza G.
Best liquid eyeliner on the market IMO

I love the super fine tip on this. Because its so long and tapered, you can really get a nice thin line starting at the innner corner of the eye, and make it thicker toward the center or end dependon on where you apply pressure. I've used other liquid liners with a similar tip, but what makes this one so great is the length and tapered shape of the tip. The formula is water-resistant and doesn't move all day until you remove it with eye makeup remover. This is the easiest to use, and you still get a really professional result

Andrea M.
easy to do wing eye

This liner goes on so nicely. You can do thin or thick lines easily. The brush tip is very easy to work with. Great for doing a winged look. I recommend all the time.

Rachel B.
The best liner out there!!!

It goes on smoothly and dark, draws super thin or super thick lines, and stays put all day long! The pointed tip makes it super easy to do a fab winged liner as well! I'd tried tons of liner before trying this one and have now used it for years! By far, the best!

Lauren C.
This is by far my favorite liner

I love this liner for many reasons....

for one, it goes on VERY black black. it also comes out smoothly and the felt tip doesnt seem to dry out if you're using it felt side up and lastly, it's super fine tip makes it a cinch to draw a beautiful wing

Cherelle M.
luv it!!!

I bought the CLOSE UP tutorial kit,and i luv all the products!!!!! The Front of the Line Pro is the best,it is very pigment!!!!! It glides on smooth,and is very easy to apply!!!!!! It's a definite buy!!!!