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Am con fussed about it

the thing with this is, in hot weather it gets watery, but with cold weather it goes back to normal. The colors r goergous, I hv the one in citrus and it look soooooo good with pink blushes. It's a bit hard to blend, u will need 2 use a brush for it then ur fingers or a sponge 2 make it blend flawlessly. And take care cuz it might take ur foundation off if u try hard to rub it on ur skin or so. I would NOT recommend it 2 makeup biginners, look for a powder highlighter instead. The reason y I gave it 3 stars is cuz of the color pay off & staying power, i could swear it's water proof ;:D

One of the best

this is so amazing, I don't think I will look 4 another one. This is my go to in the morning, and is very gentle on my skin. It doesn't dry my combo. Skin in winter and does give a very soft feeling after using

my favorite so far

I don't remember if I already reviewed this or not, but it's too great that whenever I look at it I just feel like "i love it, I hav 2 rave bout how good this is" I use it for liquid highlighter & cream blushes Countering is just amazing with this, I hv the MUFE slanted blush/contour brush & it's not as soft or blends as good as the elf one. I never tried it with foundation cuz I think the coverage will be too heavy for me as the bristles on this brush r too tightly packed together (contrary to mac's stippling for example) Bottom line, buy it, buy a couple actually, it is very very very useful :) Doesn't shed either

the easiest & best ever

these were the first brand I ever bought. And let me tell u, ardell are the best, easiest, softs, most flexible, & reasonably priced ever. I love their Lash band, it's not to flimsy and not to edgy/crooky when u bendnit around to take your eye shape. They are just right. The range of shapes and collection is amazing. Will always buy them. Better than eyluer in my opinion.... Oh, but I never bout the application kit. Always just the lashes & applied them myself

I couldn't love it any more

I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS LIPSTICK. I have it in Barely There, it is THE SEXIEST, BEST NUDE/PEACHY lipstick i ever bought. this is a steady in anyone's collection. the color lasts for a fair amount of time and it's quite moisturizing. I love the packaging, reminds me or expensive lipsticks

I use it almost everyday

I have heard about this from a video haul on youtube. and i then thought 2 give it a try. IT IS FABULOUS. I have it in the shade medium. I use it almost everyday, and the highlighter is fabulous. you will need to apply the contour with a light hand as it is very pigmented, but it blends out nicely a must buy, amazing for its pirce :)

Stain me please

this is one of the best lip stains i've used. I have it in Shy red, and it is awesome. you just look like you have natural strawberry lips. you can put more or less depending on the look that u want. I always like to put less. surprisingly, it lasts for a long time (compared to other lip stains), just dont bite your lips and make sure you have smooth exfoliated lips before you put it on

It doesnt get any better

There is NO blush better than this one the different shades are amazing, the texture is sofetly nice, and the pigmentation is amazing. i wish i could put it all over my face (like a tinted moisturizer), because of it's lovely glow. a bit pricy though :)


very feminine & seductive, but it still has a fresh feeling to it. am never bored of this one (or the Rich Rich one) I believe it's money well spent, it's has a strong, vibrant smell, but a bit heavy for the summer times :D

It smells like heaven in a bottle

it's so sweet and warm. but it's not the heay kind of warm, it's the warm that turns heads and leaves your signature in the room I always wear it on special occasions, & night outs. I do feel that it is a but heavy for the summer or the morning times (but if it's winter, it's not a prob. at all)

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