Shimmering Facial Whip


Krystal C.
These are my #1 highlighters! I LOVE them!
Photo of product included with review by Krystal C.

Okay, are you ready for this? I LOVE all of the ELF Essential Shimmering Facial Whip shades! The first one I purchased was Spotlight to use as a creamy cheekbone highlight during the summer. I loved it's scent, easy blending and the way it melted into my skin and showed no traces of ever being a creamy, whipped product. It lasts for hours in the heated months, never looked greasy on me and the sheen it leaves isn't like a bunch of glitters lying in the skin. These have micro particles that give a high shine but can also be subdued by dusting a little powder product on top.

Did I mention the price point of $1.00 made me even more excited for these? If you're an avid ELF Cosmetics follower like me, then you know they offer 20%, 50% even 70% off deals very often. I "splurged" and bought the remaining 7 shades during a 65% off sale they were running. I have come to love them all and use them as cheek highlights, brow highlights, color bases for shadows, inner corner highlights, even as a color base for some of my sheerer blushes.

I wholeheartedly recommend getting these, even if you only buy one, it's worth the dollar. These have amazing pigmentation, last a long time and you only need a tiny dot to get a decent amount of product so I can easily see these lasting over a year - even if you use it everyday.

Closer swatch photos on my blog: http://www.beautybykrystal.com/2011/11/elf-essential-shimmering-facial-whip.html

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Maria Y.

I use this to get a glow on my skin, it gives your skin this natural glow and makes your make up look flawless. During summer time i use this product a lot, along with a blush and lipgloss. This make my make up rutine in the morning faster, and makes my face look natural without wearing a lot of make up. SO i love it, and would recommend this for anyone.

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Andrea B.
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It's a nice highlighter that I use and it only cost $1 but there are a few problems. First it doesn't blend it that easily so I have to apply it on my hand, blend, then apply to my face which is okay but a huge problem that I really have is that sometimes it can really turn into liquid drops and that's so frustrating. I left mines on my makeup vanity the day i bought it and a day later it was liquid then turned into the regular product. Now I don't use this anymore on the my face as a highlighter I mix it in with my body moisturizer to give me a bright glow on my skin which I like better.

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Delaney B.
Good for the price, it just didn't work on me.

My skin is very pale, and I looked like a vampire when wearing this! I seriously shimmered! I think that this product would work well with olive skin tones. I just couldn't pull it off. I was confused about how to apply it and how it would look. But because the price is so cheap, go ahead and give it a try! It could look great on you! The risk was worth taking because I didn't spend very much!

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Kristina C.
Decent amount of shimmer

I purchased this since I don't have any kind of highlighter in my make up collection. A little goes a long way with this stuff, so be careful. The consistency is perfect; it's not too thick and not too runny. The only downside is the smell of it. I'm not too sure if you all notice it when you put it on, but it does not have an attractive scent at all. But for the shimmer payoff it gives, I'm alright with dealing with the "plastic" smell.

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Maria Y.

I have a couple of the face shimmering whip, and i gotta say i love it. I use it on the top of my cheek bones, just above of my blush and i love how it reflects the ligth and make my make up seem flawless. I love this product

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Rina N.

It definitely doesn't have the "WHIP" consistency but it can work well for a highlight under the brows and for on top of lips to emphasize fuller lips. If you blend well :). I tried using it for cheek highlight but i found that it was hard to use it since once it dries it pretty much doesn't blend well. But, it can definitely be used to highlight other places!

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Skyler B.

It's definitely better than the all over face stick, which I found oily and excessively shimmery. This went on creamy and then dried - unlike the all over face stick which got color/glitter all over me when I tried rubbing it in.

I love the fact that it was subtle enough, but people still noticed that there was a glow to my cheek. I used the lilac petal.

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Bethany W.
Not To Fab

I do love elf so much but this product is very watery and doesn't have a great consistency. It doesn't blend that easily and you have to shake it really well. If you can get past the watery part the best way to apply it. Put three dots up your cheek bone or where you are putting it and blend those three together. For a dollar it's not horrible but you definitly can find a better kind.

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Cheyenne B.
Get what you pay for...

I was NOT a fan of these. The color would hav looked great on my super fair skin. But the few times I tried to use them, are didnt blend, and streaked my foundation like crazy! They werent whipped or creamy at all and seperated after a few days.

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