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hydrating and soft

I don't know what's about this, but it feels natural under my eyes. i have noticed an improvement under my eyes texture, less fine lines :D a good buy, very nourishing

I reviewed this before, but I dont like it that much now

I don't know what happened, but I don't like it anymore. it looks great once you put it on, but once it dries, it doesn't look that thick or voluminous (your lashes i mean) anymore :(

The best of the best

It smells so warm, tender and sweet that it turns heads when you walk by. It is always my option when it comes to important night outs ;) Pricey but it;s soooooooooooo worth it.

I would buy it any time

I just love absolutely everything about it. the brush, the handle, the consistency of the mascara, it's black color and most importantly, HOW IT MADE MY LASHES LONGER AND THICKER. I would definitely buy it again. i do recommend that you apply it daily for a month and see the results. the tube will last you 2- 2 1/2 months , everyday use even though I put 2-3 coats :D

love it, but very heavy for summer times

I love the coverage, love the texture and I LOVE how it blends very well to my skin. unfortunately, i couldn't find my tone in the combo/oily skin one. so i had to buy a darker tone from the normal/dry one and mix it with the lighter shade of the combo/oily one. I mix both to get my color. the texture of the combo/oily one feels light (specially with a stippling brush) on my face and it lasts very well. u need to powder good though :)

It's complicated

I Love it, but I do have a personal problem with UDPP :S

It is amazing how eyeshadow stays put ALL DAY. I have oily lids & it's very very hot in the summer times where I live. The problem is that I have noticed that some times applying this primer changes the true colors of the eyeshadows I use. Also, I have dropped the bottle once (it;s made out of plastic) & it broke at the bottom, where it stands. It was still new, so I emptied the potion in another container & i have secured it tightly. Unfortunatlly this made it dry out & I had to throw it away. I was so disappointed because I lost it all. Bad bad container, i wasnt even a hard fall for it to break like that :(

Cant live without it

The texture & the pigmentation are perfect. It has two very nice matte colors, a light brown (a little darker than my skin color) & a medium dark brown. I can easily use these to on my lid(the light one) & in the crease (the dark one) every morning. simple yet perfect :) It also has a matte black color. It has one navy blue eyeshadow with purple undertones, another blueish-greyish shade, & a lovely wicked green :D The light shades r nice too, it has the perfect brow highlighter :D

Brilliant colors

I love this palette. It is surprisingly pigmented. the Pricing is very very reasonable. It has one of the most beautiful purple colors ever. the blues & greens & excellent too. I also love the matte black color. It's is very shimmery though :), I would have preferred it less shimmery :D

good but drying

I like this mask. it gets deep into your pores, & really cleanses everything out. if you suffer from oil/combo skin, you should definitly try this one. my recommendation is to use it every 10 days once. my skin is combo & when i used it once every week, it dried out my skin. it is pretty powerful it will also last you for agessssssssssss

one of the best

it gives just the right color. you will look sun kissed with a little shimmer. it makes my face looks fresh & dewy. absolutely fantastic. you shouldn't put much eyeshadow when using this one though.

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