Nina Ricci



Lauren G.

I love this perfume!!!!! Had two bottles of it, you only need one or two sprays, just for daily use! really strong but smells gorgeous and sweet. Always get asked what i have on when i wear it, i would recommend it girlies! :)

Linda  L.

got this as a gift, love the sweet floral scent, my friends always compliment it, it is a bit strong, but still appropriate for daily use if you don't spray too much

Vanessa G.
smells like heaven!<3

This smell is amazing, I literally could smell this perfume all day! the smell actually lasts throughout the day.

The packaging is super cute. feels alittle fragile. but I love it!

Heidi T.
There's a whole story behind this perfume and why I LOVE it!

I always thought fragrances were tied to memories. Nina by Nina Ricci is my all time favorite fragrance! I absolutely LOVE it! And there's a memory behind this fragrance for me that makes it extra special! I just thought I'd share with you. Just click here on my review for this perfume, if you're curious

Saj C.

I absolutely love this perfume. It smells delicious and its not too heavy. I am a person who loves the Soft floral & Fruit Scented perfumes. So this screams perfection for me.

janessa  m.
Best Nina Ricci Fragrance ever!

OMG is the best way to describe this perfume! I always have been dying to get it, but seemingly I forget all the time! This perfume smells absolutely amazing, I can't keep my hands off of it! Flowers and spice come together to create a magical scent like no other Nina Ricci fragrance I've ever smelt!

Lauren W.
A gift I truly cherished

My fiance bought this for me our first Christmas together. It lasted me about a year, and I wore it all the time! I miss it and secretly hope he buys me another bottle ;) but the fragrance itself is very fruity and girly with a sophisticated edge. It's playful without being childish and left an impression on me. I hadn't owned anything quite like this before, and I loved it!

Jaye-Leigh K.

This perfume smells absolutly beautiful, my friend always wore it and so i got some for my birthday and i would recommend it to everyone that loves a girly smell <3 <3

Anna B.
Love it

Gosh i love this sent... wanna eat it (well, you know what i mean lol ) So fruity & candy like... I dunno how you call it in english but in french it's Pomme d'amour, it's an apple on a stick with red coloured caramel on it... & it's smells just like that. Love it :)

Delilah C.

This is a really light scented perfume, not too strong, not too musky but has all the right blends. I love this perfume, its one of my favorites. You dont need to use much, a little goes a long way. Its feminine and sweet and its just literally a pretty perfume :)