Miss Dior Cherie


Katie B.

definitely one of my every day scents...i am a perfume junkie and am always wearing something different, so the fact that i am already almost through my bottle definitely says something. stays with you all day, and is very distinct...i always get compliments!

Maitha A.

Am not a dior perfumes fan first time i got is as a taster after trying it i went back & have the bigger size ! super elegent scent ! i feel like its a bit strong so it stays so long ! cherie & the original both are amazing

Leah R.
The perfect fragrance

I can't even explain how much I love this perfume. It's like it was made for me. The last two perfumes I was using both got discontinued, and I never thought I'd find something I actually adored. (My first dream perfume was a sweet, chocolately liquer scent, sounds strange but it was to die for; the second was a beautiful blend of patchouli and scandalwood.) Miss Dior Cherie is extremely feminine, to the point of maybe too sweet and floral. But the top notes transform this scent to something delicious and addictive. I can't get enough of it, and I've been wearing it for over a year now.

Fabianne C.

This is a very feminine fragrance... Very fresh and lasts on the skin for a VERY long time... I started wearing this just as it was launched and I got so many compliments ♡

Jen C.

Unfortunately, I don't wear this enough, but that's only because my boyfriend doesn't like it (he prefers fruity and sweeter fragrances on me). I love that it's clean and floral-y, with a dash of musk in the bottom notes. Besides the smell, the bottle is adorable as it gets, it's my favorite perfume bottle in my collection. I found the that bow is detachable and makes a very cute ring! I will definitely find more occasions to wear this fragrance, starting tomorrow when I go to work!

Natalie C.
Great Smell, But Too Common

I love this scent to death, but I've noticed it's become so popular, everyone has it that it doesn't make it feel special anymore. I use this on the weekends or when I'm not doing anything too special. It's also not that expensive so I guess I can do that with this perfume. Perfume to me should be a little more unique and special, that's why I prefer the more obscure brands.

Photo of product included with review by LM B.

This is by far my favorite scent that I own or have owned. It is so pretty, and fresh smelling, and I feel put together and feminine when I wear it. It is also my husband's favorite so it was the scent that I wore on our wedding day! I can never go wrong with this one!!!

Nabila V.

Absolutely love love love this. It is a clean, floral fragrance and it smells sooo good, I first smelled this fragrance in a magazine and I had to have it and that was about 2 years ago. I ran out of it recently and I ordered online so I am awaiting my new bottle. I can never be without this fragrance,

Zelie P.
a lovely girlie scent

I like this perfume a lot. I adore the bottle, it's a sophisticated design but also girlie/cute/adorable. I also like how it smells. It is a scent I wear quite often, whenever I'm in the mood for it, which is usually when I feel like smelling sweet and feminine. If I'm in a bad mood and not wearing perfume, this is a perfume that can cheer me up slightly, because the act of putting it on (with the adorable bottle) is lovely and then I smell really good!

Candice W.

This is By far the Best smelling perfume I have smelled on me. I've been using it for the past 1yr 1/2 and I wouldn't go to any other perfume. It's worth the money in my opinion, and the scent has a long wear affect!