St. Ives

Invigorating Apricot Scrub


Angela L.
Face???? how about hands?

I work with my hands a lot and the industrial hand scrubber leave my hands clean but too dry. I use this apricot scrub for my hands. It takes the dirt out and doesn't extremely dry out my hands.

Shanzeh N.

Don't ever use it so bad for your skin. If you don't, you'll learn the hard way with red patchy acnes and huge black pores on your cheeks. Excess blackheads on the nose overall horrible product a health hazard

Amelia M.
Loved it.

This scrub is amazing! It smells great and feels amazing on my face. Very light weight too. It really works for me. I've heard it broke people out and I didn't want to buy it at first but i ended up buying it. I was very proud I did!

Heather I.
love it

I don't use this all the time...I alternate scrubs only because the texture of this one (albeit invigorating) can be harsh on my sensitive skin. But it leaves my skins soft and glowing. Plus, it smells good.

Kayla M.

I had a problem with acne and all the products I used made me breakout more and left my skin dry. This scrub worked wonders!! My face is clear, and less dry!

Valeria F.
was my salvation without even knowing it!

im currently living in mexico and go back home to LA to visit my parents whenever i can, so when i went over for spring break i went shopping at my local convenice store to buy some supplies, passed by this i decided to get it since i tend to use a face exfoliant when i take a shower, i always leaned towards the clean & clear stuff by didnt see any at that store so i opt for this one. BEST DICISION EVER!! smells great, not harsh so makes it great for everday use, and leaves your skin perfect, not to dry or oily. wish i could have got some extra to bring back to mexico

Tiffany F.
I love it! Best scrub ever

This is a product I would buy over and over again. It helps scrub away all my dead flaky skin from previous breakout scars and reveals new beautiful glowy skin

Alexa M.

I use this about twice a week to exfoliate my face of dead skin and clogged dirt

Pros: Leaves face feeling soft, supple, and clean No dryness post-wash Scrubbing grain/beads aren't too harsh on skin

Cons: None really

Nicole S.
Very good!

It does the job, cleaning and scrubbing away dead skin. I am always left with a clean feeling. Smells great! My favorite part about it is, that it last soooooo long! I've had the same one for 2 months!

Alyn P.
Not so great

As an esthetician knowing what those little apricot beads do to your skin is frightening that so many people use this product on their face! Those little microscopic beads are actually making little cuts into your skin causing premature aging!

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