St. Ives

Invigorating Apricot Scrub


Sammi W. Team
don't use this!

As much as I love this product, my dermatologist and every facial person I've had has told me not to use this any more -- the scrub is made up of unevenly sized exfoliants so it's actually making miniature tears in your skin... we're supposed to use evenly sized microbeads that exfoliate safely, or products with enzymes in them like kate sommervilles exfoliator. The price is awesome and the results are there, but ladies who are using this or thinking of buying... please do some homework and find out how damaging this product is =P

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Laura A.
Love it!

I use this product every night after using my usual cleanser. I have sensitive, oily skin. My skin looks great after (if only it always did..) and feels very smooth. Also awesome if your spot treatment causes pealing! I think this is good for every skin type, my 50 year old mother, 17 year old sister who has insanely oily skin, and I all use it! Just dont use too much or scrub too hard - a dime sized amount is fine!

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Sara M.
Must Have!!!

I Use This Product Every Time I Shower And Have Been For Years. I Am Pretty Hesitant About My Facial Products Because I Have Sensitive Dry Skin. This Product Helps With The Dryness Around My Nose And Cheeks (Bumps And Flakes) So Well I Don't See It Unless I Run Out. Also I Get Compliments On My Glowy Skin All The Time From People I Don't Even Know.. I Use This And Two Other Products And I Can't Help But Feel Without This One The Other Two Would Just Be Added Build Up On My Skin.

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Cezzy O.

I use this product at least 3 to 4 times a week. It takes my makeup off really good! I have acne prone skin. I used to buy alot of products to control my acne and none of them have worked like this product has helped me clear up my skin. I'm in no way saying it treats acne. Everyone has different types of skin. but, this is hands down my favorite.

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Alyn P.
Not so great

As an esthetician knowing what those little apricot beads do to your skin is frightening that so many people use this product on their face! Those little microscopic beads are actually making little cuts into your skin causing premature aging!

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Nellie C.

St. ives is actually pretty bad for your skin, because the little "beads" in it are actually shards of the apricot pitt so its so big it actually scratches the surface of your skin..bad bad bad

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Heather I.
love it

I don't use this all the time...I alternate scrubs only because the texture of this one (albeit invigorating) can be harsh on my sensitive skin. But it leaves my skins soft and glowing. Plus, it smells good.

Kayla M.

I had a problem with acne and all the products I used made me breakout more and left my skin dry. This scrub worked wonders!! My face is clear, and less dry!

Tiffany F.
I love it! Best scrub ever

This is a product I would buy over and over again. It helps scrub away all my dead flaky skin from previous breakout scars and reveals new beautiful glowy skin

Alexa M.

I use this about twice a week to exfoliate my face of dead skin and clogged dirt

Pros: Leaves face feeling soft, supple, and clean No dryness post-wash Scrubbing grain/beads aren't too harsh on skin

Cons: None really