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This is a pretty convenient and nifty product I like to pop into my bag for quick touch-ups.

The stick concealer end glides on smoothly and all you need is a few pats from your fingertip to blend it into blemishes/undereye circles.

The highlighter end is a dream to work with - it's liquid-cream and has a wand for application. Just dot some on your upper cheeks or on the bridge of your nose and blend for instant definition and brightening.

I bought this on a whim at a LUSH store in Australia. Shampoo bars are great for travelling, especially when you don't want to deal with possible messy bottles and leaking in your luggage.

I like how a few swipes of this on your wet hair can generate a decent amount of lather. The shampoo scent is divine and lasts all day on your hair. Unfortunately, cleaning power wasn't fantastic. It made my hair feel heavy and oily - perhaps it was just too moisturizing in such humid, tropical weather. Also, it can't get a bit gooey if you don't dry it out properly after use.

Nevertheless, it's something I'd take along for short travel trips because of its convenience and awesome fragrance.

Nice one, Revlon

The huge wand may not be ideal for those with shorter lashes (hello Asians, lol) but if you maneuver it properly, you can still get into those hard-to-reach bits.

With that said, this mascara is quite good and possibly lives up to its claim of lengthening the lashes. Mine seemed longer after about 2 months of use. It's not clumpy and does not leave lashes looking spidery, which are always good points for mascaras. Definitely looks best if your lashes are curled well beforehand.

Not too bad

Got this for about 16 Singapore dollars at the airport and am quite pleasantly surprised with the results. Sure, many reviews online were bad, but I think it's pretty much your application technique that determines whether a mascara works for you.

This one can get clumpy, but the trick here is to apply it with a zig zag motion. Then brush everything out with a lash comb. It volumizes and thickens the lashes, which I like. Mascara wand may get gloopy, but you can always wipe off the excess with tissue before using.


This was terrible. =( Mine broke in less than 5 months, and I wasn't even being rough or anything. It doesn't curl my lashes as well as I hoped it would, and sometimes it pinches my lids. I guess you get what you pay for.

I was skeptical at first - would I want to spend THAT much on an eyelash curler? I finally gave in...and I am smitten.

This baby works as well as reviews claim. The curve of the curler fitted perfectly against my Asian eye, it grabbed every single lash and I didn't have to hold it in place for too long to get that perfect curl. You get an extra rubber pad with each curler, and the instructions say each pad lasts for 3 months. So that makes the lifespan of the curler about 6 months. I reckon if you take good care of it, the curler could easily last up to a year.

I'd recommend this to everyone, especially those with Asian eyes and short lashes. This really does the job.

Good and cheap

I've always liked Ardell lashes because they are not made of 'plastic' hair. And they have a decent range of lash types to choose from. Most of them look very natural on my Asian eyes without compromising on the length/volume. Application is easy once you get the hang of it, and I am able to re-use the lashes for about 4-5 times, depending on how well I clean them afterwards.


I bought a Nude colored one at a drugstore in Australia and I think it really lives up to its name. This is the only lipstick I have that doesn't require me to put on lip balm before applying it. It really does moisturize your lips and doesn't cause flakiness! And for the lovely price, a girl cannot ask for more. Color pay off is pretty decent as well, and the nude shade is one of the best I've come across.

I have one in Warm Soul and it has got to be my favorite blush to date. It gives off a nice, fresh peachy color and it can be layered on nicely depending on how flushed you want to look. Staying power is pretty good, and I would normally touch it up about 8 hours later (if I'm having a long day). I'm definitely looking into getting the other shades in the near future. MAC seldom disappoints anyway.


These are awesome! They really do what they claim - remove oil without screwing up your makeup. I swear by these, and you can really see the oil caught on the sheet.

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