Godiva Shampoo Bar


Nikki M.

The idea behind this shampoo bar is great, but the execution is not there. It has big chunks of conditioner in it, which makes it super easy to fall apart. It did not last long at all and even though it is supposed to be conditioning, my hair was getting knotted. It's the only shampoo bar by LUSH that I've hated.

Pearl  Y.
Holy grail shampoo bar!

I love this shampoo bar! It leaves my long wavy hair moisturized and I love the scent of jasmine! I took it with me traveling this summer and It lasted me for three months! Plus I didn't have to bring any conditioner with me because this is a 2 in 1! I would recommend this shampoo bar to anyone:)

Pari G.
One of my first solid shampoos

OMG, I loved everythong about this cute invention. It lathers very well, you do not need alot, the smell makes you feel like a princess and not to mention all the natural ingredients in it is such a turn on.

Jen P.

This shampoo bar smells amazing! It's easy to use, easy to store, lathers & cleans well, and leaves your hair smelling glorious! However, I'm not a fan of the conditioner bits inside, and it also left my hair feeling less nourished than usual. It also strips color a bit.

Santana V.
First bar from Lush

I rather enjoy this shampoo bar. It lathers easy for my curly hair & cleans rather well, i dont know about the amttiness, i use the Jungle conditioner bar. I have issues with this product.

Fanny d.
Nice smell but...

This was my first solid shampoo bar, il loved the smell and the first uses, but soon i found it difficult to use on my long hair. It doesn't dry well, and then lots of pieces stay in the hair which make it hard to rince.

Ariane C.

I love the smell of jasmine on this, but that's about it. It didn't clean my hair very well because of the conditionner bits that are amalgamated in with the shampoo noodles. As time goes on, the noodles dissolve, then you're just stuck with conditionner pieces that smell nice. This product isn't worth the hassle to me.

Anneka F.

I was so looking forward to this product - the idea of it is fantastic! Things I loved: the smell, the ease of use, how travel friendly it is, and how much it lathered up. Things I didn't love: my hair felt kind of matty afterwards, didn't look very shiny compared to usual. =[ So - although it didn't work for my hair, I don't think it's a complete write off. It works for others and is a fantastic all round product. And I'm still willing to try other Lush shampoo bars.

Theresa G.

This shampoo bar is meant to leave your hair with shine and I discovered that it is not to be used with every shampooing. I alternate with different shampoo bars. The down part with this solid shampoo is that it absorbes water more than the other shampoo bars so it doesn't last as long.

Marianna K.
Works great at first (on dry hair) but the build up after a while is awful!

I have very dry hair and at first this was a lifesaver. After a couple of uses though my hair became sticky and almost dirty. I had to use a deep cleansing, purifying shampoo to get rid of the horrendous build up. I would not buy this product again. The price tag for what it does is a bit steep as well.