Shu Uemura

Eyelash Curler


Cara Michelle H. Team
The BEST Eyelash Curler

I was introduced to Shu Uemura through their famous eyelash curler years ago. Since then, I have yet to come across another that can curl my lashes like this one does. The shape of this curler allows you to get close to your lash line and curl without any pinching. Like others have mentioned, not a lot of pressure is required to get the maximum curl. The key is to do a couple slight pumps as close as you can to your lash line to really feather out your lashes. This technique helps to reduce the wear and tear of the rubber pad making the lash curler last a long time. When it does wear down and it's time to change, Shu Uemura always packages an extra rubber replacement pad with every curler, making this amazing eyelash tool worth every penny!

Miriam M.
Mr. Shu Uemura
Photo of product included with review by Miriam M.

I was in Tokyo in the summer of 1989 with my sister on a business trip for four days, at which point we went on three weeks of art tours throughout the countryside of Japan. I was lucky enough on the first night to sit with the wife of the Director of Marketing and Sales of Asia, my Sister was his counterpart in Northern and Southern United States and sat with him. I ended up as a guest being seated by the husband of the host and enjoyed talking to her about building their dream house in Tokyo which I had JUST done in Louisville. During our conversation she asked if I would like to see a Japanese Tea Ceremony and I was so thrilled I practically jumped in her lap because as a child I wore a Kimono that my Mother's friend brought back for me after her trip. The very next day after our dinner, I arrived at the Ceremony and was the only female guest. Mr. Shu Uemura was doing the makeup on the two geishas. After the ceremony was over I asked if he could give me tips on colors for my skin tone and also tools. He was so sweet that he took me by my arm and escorted me to his store and the first tool was the eyelash curler which he demonstrated for me. So I bought it and several beautiful handmade brushes and a supply of color for the summer and fall. I am so lucky to have had him as my guide to color and how to put it on to look at its best. I miss him greatly because each year I ordered two sets of colors for the spring/summer and fall/winter which I continued and wrote to him about KY since he was curious about my life. I ofter had pictures made so that he could see my house which to a Japanese person was a museum because they only have a small one room bedroom, kitchen/living room/dining room plus their one ofter very lovely bathroom with a large tub for bathing. So there you have a very exciting way of buying the most respected eyelash curler!

Amy N.
best curlers ever

these are the best curlers there is. curl so easily and quickly.and fit pretty much all eye shapes. bit more expensive than other curlers but totally worth the extra as the curl lasted all day and looked really natural and didn't just bend and kink the lashes like all other curlers I've tried.

Paige L.

If I had to live without this I honestly don't know what I would do with my life.. makes my short, straight, thin lashes look so curled and natural! worth the hype, worth the price, I didn't think that much of it until I forgot it at home and had to use my old generic brand one and I just realized how much I love this curler, makes all the difference in my makeup routine. A must for the asian gals out there!

Jennifer L.
Holds a curl

This was my first ever eye lash curler and yes it curls my eyelashes! I have to fiddle about with it a bit to get my outer corner lashes inside it, but that just be my lashes.] Although my experience is limited in this field.

Nicki N.
I can't imagine my life without this...

I don't know how I can sum it up in a few words without repeating "awesome, amazing, incredible" throughout the entire thing. It works SUPERBLY on any eye shape to curl your lashes. It doesn't require a whole lot of pressure to get your perfect curl. All of my friends are shocked that they've had such good results with this curler compared to their little Revlon ones. If you're willing to make an investment for your appearance, pick the Shu.

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Callie G.
One and only

The BEST eyelash curler every! Works on any eye shape. So easy to curl those super short and straight asian lashes (like my own)... Mine lasted for a year (used it everyday and never had to change the rubber pad).

Chanced by a DUO PACK at the Hong Kong airport duty free, soooooo cheap! HK$235 (approx 28AUD/ 30USD)

Bethany B.
The only curler worth using

The title of my review says it all. As far as I'm concerned, no other eyelash curler can hold a candle to this one. If I could no longer use the Shu Uemura curler, I wouldn't bother using one at all. Truth.

Alexandria C.

I actually like this curler. I dont have to clamp down hard to get my lashes to curl and I have stick straight lashes. Although, I wish the head was a tiny bit wider, my eyes are just slightly on the larger end of the normal eye shape scale. Unfortunately, it is not sold at Sephora anymore so I dont think I will repurchase this. If you have normal-smaller eyes, this is perfect for you.

Kaylee T.
Worth it!

This is so worth the money. You will throw all others away! I had used many other name brands before but as soon as I received this I found it works so well. I normally press and hold, then wait 3 seconds..then back again. Love!