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Good at first but then not so great later

I bought this in brown and black. Love the big, lightweight tub, and initially it seemed really great. Smooth, great intensity and great staying power.

But after a few months, the liner seemed to get a little cakey. I don't leave my container open even when I am applying liner (I usually dip my brush in and put the cap back on) but I noticed the product seemed to have hardened a little. Not good.

And recently, I found the liner to somehow cake up on my lids as well. Removing it is a b*tch - it felt like bits of hard dried up paint.

Not sure if I got a bad batch - I have yet to open up my black ones, but now I'm getting a bit wary.

Best Primer Ever

This is by far the best primer I have used, and would not dream of switching!

Firstly, it does what it says. It's creamy but not oily, and creates the perfect base for any eyeshadow, whether it is light or dark or glittery. I usually use a pinhead-sized drop for each lid and blend it well. Then after waiting for 30 seconds, I put on my colors. I like how it keeps them in place while making the colors pop, and my gel eyeliner usually stays put despite constantly sweating in the humid heat.

The tube is a good dispenser, and one of this lasts me for a year. If you don't use it for a long period of time, the product tend to separate, so sometimes when you squeeze it out, you get this oily liquid. But shake it up a bit or squeeze it about in the tube with the cap closed and it should be fine again.

Miracle In A Bottle

I've stopped using foundation because of this amazing product. I now go out with just tinted moisturizer and a light wash of MAC's MSF to set.

So yes, it goes to show how effective this serum is. My skin has always been terrible - started a battle with severe acne in my late teens, cured it with a series of popping Roaccutane, antibiotics and BCP. While my zits have cleared significantly, I had a lot of unsightly scars (pigmented and pitted) left.

I started using this about 2 months ago, and although the results were not immediate, they are visible now. My skin has become much softer, smoother and the pigmented scars have gradually faded. I'd even say my skin tone has evened out nicely too. It did not cause me to breakout at all, nor did it clog my pores. Very easily absorbed and smells a bit medicinal but I got used to it after a while. I spread it on nightly after toner and before moisturizer - just a thin film over face and neck (which equals to about half a dropper).

I got the 30ml bottle to try out, and I reckon it would last a good 3 months if applied once daily.

Beautiful payoff

Swatched Silver Sleet from Smoky Blue Ornament at the MAC store and fell head over heels in love! So I got the Dazzlesphere and I can't stop staring at the gorgeous colors.

The crushed metallic pigment lives up to its name - just pat some on your lid (crushing it) and it reveals the most divine color on your eyes. The MAC MUA pat Silver Sleet on top of Electra during a demo, and the result was amazing.

Texture could be a bit tricky to work with, but definitely pat with a flat brush, not blend immediately with a fluffy one. Payoff is excellent, especially if you put it on top of a similar-colored eyeshadow. Perfect for smoky eyes at night.

My only gripes are that it's limited edition, it doesn't come in singles (I know I won't be using Wintersky often) and the stacked container packaging isn't very practical.

Love it!

I bought two of these in Taiwan after seeing them in a magazine. Sleek, sexy packaging, which I absolutely love. The cap is magnetic and the body very sturdy.

I have this in Beige 103 and Pink 513. Both very lovely colors. The beige is a light pink-ish nude. Goes on very smoothly, pigmented and does not dry out my lips. And believe me, I have very volatile lips. The pink is a fun and flirty color, slightly deep and a perhaps best described as a lighter shade of hot pink.

I have to say I could not bear to use the lipsticks as often as I should, but when I do, it delivers. I'd suggest buying the reds and brighter pinks, though. For its price, you're better off getting a more pigmented shade than nudes.

Good value for money

I live in Singapore, so I get these fairly cheap - less than 3 bucks a pop. And for 3 dollars, I'd say this is pretty good nail polish. I have several bottles in darker shades (I find their lighter ones a bit too sheer to my liking, even after several coats), and am loving the texture as well as staying power. The brush is also quite easy to use, and in just three swift swipes, I can coat an entire nail.

My fave color from the lot would definitely be GR503. It's a milky minty color - perfect for fun, spring-summer nails.

Love this palette to bits

I was obviously sold by the gorgeous and luxe packaging!

But that aside, these UD eyeshadows are fantastic. I've only tried the Primer Potion from the brand and was kinda skeptical about the other products. But this palette changes everything.

Absolutely gorgeous colors, amazing pigmentation and it would definitely last me a long, long while. Some of the glittery shades do fall out, but then again, most of them do. I have no complaints so far, and have used every single shade. Junkshow is my fave. :)

Best TM I've tried

I would normally use foundation because I have a lot of acne scars, but it's never good to wear it too often. I got this tinted moisturizer in Australia (they don't sell Covergirl in Singapore..boooo) and I have to say this is amazing.

I was previously using Natio's TM, and while it did its job, it made my face produce more oil than it normally does. This one, however, glides on smoothly, moisturizes, blends well and the best part is - my face is matte all day even without powder to set.

Coverage-wise, it's obviously not gonna be as fab as foundation, but it sure does even out my skin tone nicely. I cover my other blemishes with a concealer and I look fresh faced.

Plus, it doesn't cause breakouts or irritation, almost scent-free and has SPF 15! Staying power is pretty good as well, I didn't need to touch up for about 6-7 hours. Definitely will repurchase!


Absolutely love this case for its versatility. Nice, sturdy and sleek. Perfect size for travelling, and I love how it also comes with a mirror. You can basically pop in ANY type of makeup pan on top of the magnetized piece included. You may not be able to fit too many brushes inside, but I personally prefer to just keep the contents to makeup.

It also comes with a rubber grip, which is a brilliant idea, so you don't have to balance the palette on the palm of your hand while applying makeup.

I have eyeshadows, lip colors and a blush in mine. Definitely worth the price, especially if you're buying it directly from the States. I lay a piece of tissue over the palette before closing it to keep fallout minimal.

Cute and fun

The packaging was very cute - it's basically like a little book and all your eyeshadows are on one 'page', while the other 'page' consists of instructions on how to apply them. I don't like how you can't close it properly, so taking it on travels is a big no-no, unless you secure it with rubber bands or something. The eyeshadows tend to have a wee bit of fallout and can get messy if it's not closed right.

I find the shadow textures pretty decent. Colors were pigmented enough (with a primer underneath of course) and very blendable. Easy to mix and match as well, and all the colors are suitable for day and night wear. There is significant fall out though, but nothing too drastic. I didn't use the eyeshadow brush and pencil liner that came with it, so can't say much about their quality.

Overall, this is a good palette and for a very good price.

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