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Nail Color


Aislin M.

Just got some of these polishes for my birthday and couldn't wait to try them - I have this dark purply-winey red colour which is just stunning. It went on really well and dried streak-free!

Vivian L.
Good value for money

I live in Singapore, so I get these fairly cheap - less than 3 bucks a pop. And for 3 dollars, I'd say this is pretty good nail polish. I have several bottles in darker shades (I find their lighter ones a bit too sheer to my liking, even after several coats), and am loving the texture as well as staying power. The brush is also quite easy to use, and in just three swift swipes, I can coat an entire nail.

My fave color from the lot would definitely be GR503. It's a milky minty color - perfect for fun, spring-summer nails.

Elaina Y.
Not too impressed

I got this polish in a light pearly pink shade. This product was kind of expensive for what it was. I find that you didn't get a lot of formula in the bottle and the formula also dried up really fast in the bottle. If you let it sit for a bit this polish also separates. This is definately not one of the best polishes out there, I might have just picked up a bottle beacuse I like the one colour.

Shannon T.
Reasonably nice

I have only 1 color which is the navy one (can't remember the name) but I love it a whole lot! It applies pretty well and is pigmented. Very strong color and easy to remove too :)

Catharina U.
best price!

i like it, it have a good price. and the result is really great. it's easy to apply because its rich and creamy and the colour is so bold so you don't need to apply it in times. you should have one of these..

Anna M.

The Face Shop polishes have great formulation. It's creamy, which makes it easy to apply. Also, the nail polish-y scent goes a way in a day! It dries easily too! I hoarded on this back when I was in high school. No regrets!