The UNII Palette.

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Kaysey L.
I can bring my Book of Shadows without bringing the book!

I got this palette to put my Urban Decay shadows in because the bulky Book of Shadows was an inconvenience. What can I say that hasn't already been said? I just received it in the mail today and I'm already in love. I got it in lavender. From the color and subtle sparkles to its sturdiness, I'm very pleased.

Krystal C.
Love it, simple, sturdy and easy to use

About a month ago, I received a Unii palette to review. I was so excited to try this out since it's one of the All Stars of the YouTub beauty community. Then I started looking at my makeup collection, what makeup was I willing to destroy to depot the makeup pans and transfer them into my empty Unii palette? Moving on to my destruction project performed yesterday. As I was tidying up my "work" area, I kept moving my Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV around like it was junk and constantly in my way. I had won this palette early in the year from Beautylish, and even though I was super excited, it sat, unopened, untouched and forgotten up until yesterday. If I never use this palette because of its over sized, unnecessarily bulky packaging then it is the perfect victim for a depotting project to fill my Unii palette! There was no dainty way of depotting this palette, I pretty much just tore it up, all while being gentle so as not to disturb the eyeshadow pans. Took me about an hour to rip it all up and get the shadows out. I also took some time to grab my sticky labels, measure them to the eyeshadow pans, label all the shadows and then placed them into my Unii palette (in alphabetical order). The Unii palette has a magnetized base so the metal pans sat in there securely, but if your pans are not metal the Unii palette comes with a magnetic sheet the same size of the interior of the palette so you can measure and cut out your own sticky magnets for your makeup. Overall I LOVE my Unii palette and I love how easy it is to access these beautiful Urban Decay eyeshadows now!

Nancy-Lee C.
So amazing, I purchased 4!

I have the newer shades: pear, turquoise, midnight and Honeysuckle. Designed by an architect, the are magnetic with a heavy duty latch. The compact is long enough to keep a brush or three inside as well as see both eyes at the same time. Like Minna, I was using 5 different brands with 7 different compacts and my biggest challenge was balancing all of these vessels on my counter; as they are not all flat. So I lived in fear of things sliding off of my counter to their untimely demise. I was able to get rid of 98% of my cosmetic compacts for these! This picture is 3 of my 4 UNII palettes. Unlike cardboard they will never face water damage hanging out next to your sink and the latch holds tight with an economical thumb rest when open. You should totally look into these cases if you're considering depotting product.

Vivian L.
Photo of product included with review by Vivian L.

Absolutely love this case for its versatility. Nice, sturdy and sleek. Perfect size for travelling, and I love how it also comes with a mirror. You can basically pop in ANY type of makeup pan on top of the magnetized piece included. You may not be able to fit too many brushes inside, but I personally prefer to just keep the contents to makeup.

It also comes with a rubber grip, which is a brilliant idea, so you don't have to balance the palette on the palm of your hand while applying makeup.

I have eyeshadows, lip colors and a blush in mine. Definitely worth the price, especially if you're buying it directly from the States. I lay a piece of tissue over the palette before closing it to keep fallout minimal.

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Anneka F.

Absolutely love these - after working in a makeup store, I got a lot of eyeshadows and blushers in just their pans. This is a fantastic way to store them, its magnetic so they stay in place, the clasp is reliable so its great for travelling, it has a nice big mirror and they come in really cute colours! Only thing is they're a little pricey.

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Soma S.
Thank you Beautylish for the opportunity to win this!

I use my MAC palettes to store my shadows, but this has inspired me to depot my other products. I tried a few of my blushes, and shadows, but I found that I very much prefer to store my travel brushes inside them for travel since it's compact, the brush hairs don't get ruined, and it's the right size for my MAC holiday brush set [eye brushes only]. It does not fit the Sigma travel brushes though, they are far too fat, and I'm afraid the ferrule will crack the mirror if I push it down. A great staple to have in my travel arsenal, and once I get a few more of these to keep organized, I'll be set!

Pros: fits most brand refills, comes w/ magnets to palletize anything you want, and very clean and sleek.

Cons: does not fit all travel brushes... but that just enables me to be on the hunt for ones that work well and will fit! [I have a brush hoarding issue... haha.]

I love it though. It's always a great feeling to know you own something in which a lot of thought was put into it, and for the UNII palette, I can feel every bit of the process that was put into its design just by holding it. There's a good weight to it, a mirror, and even a magnetic thumb grip to make it ergonomically comfortable for the end user. A tad pricer than most other palettes, but this thing will last me ages.

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Gabby D.

I really like the pallette's design :) I never had one but it seems pretty helpful to me :) I really liek the colors too :) It will be great if you add a cream color one :))

Nina R.

Palette is very sturdy and attractive. Only thing I do not like about it is that the rubber seal tends to get really dirty quick. I only keep two blushes in it, so if the palette were to drop ever so slightly, the blushes will shift and may crack.

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