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I love this palette! It's very hard to find palettes with neon colours, let alone neon colours with such colour payoff! The colours are highly pigmented, and easily blendable. I love that there's a metallic silver - perfect for the inner corner of the eye. The possibilities of creativity are endless with this palette. It's something you'd only imagine to find somewhere over the rainbow (haha..), but you can purchase it at your local Sephora! So convenient!

PS. The mirror is a great size + the double-ended brush is decent.

Very natural looking

The name says it all. When I need to put myself together and don't have time to pick out products, I grab this and go. It has all the essentials, plus it flatters my skin tone so well and just gives a healthy glow. The blush and the mascara are my favourite, and I definitely love the eyeshadow Stun.. so pretty. It's so convenient that it comes with 2 matte eyeshadows that would work well as a very natural eyeshadow look, but are great for filling in the brows! The only thing I would change (or more so, add) is I would have loved it if it came with a brush... perhaps, a double-ended brush - angled brow on one side and eyeshadow on the other... but it's a wonderful palette nonetheless. No complaints! Thank you boyfriend! :)

Dual purpose product

This product is amaAaAaAaxing for taming frizz and giving light hold to curls or in my case, waves. This product can be lightly scrunched into wet hair and diffused or left to dry natural. It also is a fantastic blow dry lotion that gives your hair tons of shine and smoothness. If you're a hairstylist, this product doubles as a fantastic cutting lotion!

Mix with Redken Curvaceous Full Swirl for extra hold + humidity-control all day long!

Good :)

There's good news and there's bad news. The bad news: It's pretty translucent and doesn't give you that true black look unless you go over it a few times. It sometimes smudges off easily... yipes. The good news: You can easily create foolproof perfectly-shaped or barely-there lines, and for a price so cheap; you can't go wrong. It's also easy to remove!

I feel so luxe-urious!

This is the kind of lip gloss that makes you feel like a princess. The packaging alone looks like it belongs to a member of the royal family - pristine, professional and polished. The gloss is translucent; comes in a variety of colours and contains just the perfect amount of sparkle. Also, it's clean and comfortable. You might not even notice it's there!


For such an inexpensive polish, I am quite impressed. It lasted a good while before it became 'goopy', which is a plus. The colour is slightly transparent, but a few coats does make a difference. The colours I've used are Red Red (the best), Caribbean Frost and Blazed.

Great product

This product is great for any hair type, which makes it very versatile whether you're using it on yourself or your client. The product gives good volume at the roots, lasting style and shine. The product itself is very light and mousy (but creamy at the same time!). Also, a little goes a long way... you only need about a nickel to a quarter-sized amount before blow drying.

This product has great coverage, but I would suggest this for skin types that aren't oily or acne-prone. I haven't seen or heard of anyone breaking out using this product, but it is very moisturizing, so I would just be careful. Overall great product, and lightweight as well.

cute but...

...not the greatest. The colours are pretty, but the quality is cheap and you can tell. I found the bronzer and the eyeshadow to have an uneven application and irritated my eyes. The solid parfumes were probably my favourite, along with the light-up mirror, that was pretty cool.


...wait, what? No really though... This stuff really rocks. I wouldn't say it's the greatest gradual self-tanner, but it's really nice if you wanna goldify your body or just give certain features a little hint of sensuality.

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