Hard Candy

Glow All the Way - Instant Bronzer & Gradual Self-Tanner


Vanessa W.

I don't suggest this if you're looking for a real, legit self tanner or anything like that. It's not a miracle tanner for sure. However, I like this for a little special shimmer and faint colour for a special occasion or girl's dinner or something. It's best for people like me because I hate the look of orange fake tan, i need something mild and temporary for just a liiiiittle oomph. This product is good for people with standards like me but if you want a true tanning lotion this is not your best bet.

Jimena M.
how to use it?

i recently bought this product but i don't know how and when to apply it. if it's like an instant bronzer, should it be applied before foundation all over the face, or after the foundation and cream products on certain areas u wanna bronze (just like a cream bronzer) right before you set everything with powder? either way i think i should've gotten a darker foundation because they look like total opposites lol

Jennifer G.

Really good for a golden glow! Not so much as a self tanner. I use it mostly in the summer when tan, otherwise it just looks weird on me.

Mercedes D.

...wait, what? No really though... This stuff really rocks. I wouldn't say it's the greatest gradual self-tanner, but it's really nice if you wanna goldify your body or just give certain features a little hint of sensuality.

Carolyn Z.
I liked it but..

I wouldn't use it for everyday. I originally bought it for homecoming because I had a strapless dress and forearms were tan but my upper arms and shoulders were pale, and it did a great job of evening out my tan, it lasted all night and for half the day afterwards. But it is a little fake looking, not good for everyday use but for special occasions it's nice.

Leslie W.

I bought this on a whim and was very pleasantly surprised. The formula has a nice consistency and is dark brown and quite thick. The instant bronze is great - very brown in color, rather than orange. I love that it is intended for face as well as body. Remembering that a little goes very far. The shimmery quality is good or bad depending on what you're going for.

Anna C.

I loved the consistency of the formula when i tried it on in the store. It went on great, and i agree with Leslie, the fact that its meant for face and body is awesome. But i tried both of the gold colors, and they were both very.very dark. If you have fair to medium-tanned skin, i wouldnt buy it because it wouldn't look natural like bronzers are intended.

Gabriella I.
you could do better.

This product isnt the best. I recently bought it for homecoming because I got invited on such short notice, and it was way too glittery. Its great if youre planning on going clubbing or something, but not as as a regular thing or big event. I suggest you use jergens.

Danielle B.
Not the best Hard Candy product.

I really enjoyed the color and shimmer that this has. But out of all the self tanning/bronzing products like this that I've used this is the most difficult. Mixing it with lotion makes it a little easier but applying it by itself it just looks fake and streaky.