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I would highly recommend this for those with dry to severely dry skin types, who don't break out. I have dry-combo skin and I don't break out usually, but this really clogged my pores. It smelled really good and it was cooling, but it wasn't for me.

Very vibrant, alluring colours. They are very much comparable to your higher priced eyeshadows because of how pigmented they are - it's incredible. I'm not a huge fan of the packaging though.

Do you heat style naked hair? I don't. A nice, refreshing fruity-smelling heat styling spray to protect your precious locks while setting your perfect style in place without the damaging mechanical stress of your hot tools. What more could you ask for?

First off, this product does offer a great barrier of protection before heat styling, and does not discolour the hair because it is clear. It also smells really good. Now for the downside... it just doesn't make my hair feel nice. My hair does feel weighed down with this product too. To counteract this, I've either mixed it with another brand of argan oil that has a lighter viscosity or with a light, fluffy mousse.

Majorly enhances my naturally wavy hair without drying it out - very creamy and low foam lather. Smells brilliant - a must have for girls with curls...oh yeah, and boys too.

Average, but smells great

It's something you could compare to other gradual self-tanners, however it smells much more refreshing than most - kinda citrusy. The downside, as with most self-tanners it can look a little streaky and patchy. My suggestion: Best for a subtle glow, mix with another moisturizer before you apply.

My hair looks and feels awesome. Plenty of shine, feels healthy, no visible fading. Overall, is a good product. I like how it doesn't make my fine hair staticky or weighed down. Shampoo smells nice but the conditioner doesn't smell the greatest.

I haven't used this on my own hair, but I've used it on client's hair (and on mannequins!). The hair is ten times more manageable, and it's awesome to use to even out porosity before colouring. When used before blowdrying, it leaves the hair smooth and shiney.

Works well as a gluestick though...

I did not like this product - thank god I got it on sale. I understand it's organic, but i've made organic lipsticks and balms before and they were 10 times better than this. The product was extremely sticky like glue, so if you have any crafts or projects you've gotta do, this is your go-to. It did not moisturize my lips, and it just felt really awful. The scent was good though.

The best facial towelette

This is definitely the best facial towelette. My skin is and feels clean with out the irritation of most facial towelettes, and effectively removes make-up, oil and grime so you don't break out. A must-have for those of us who are too lazy to wash our faces before bed sometimes or need a little convenience in inconvenient situations.

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