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All the colours are gorgeous. There's not one colour I didn't debate on purchasing. I ended up getting "I am strong", because it's part of the Breast Cancer Foundation Series, and a portion of the money goes to the fund. When I used it, it went on streaky, and even after two coats, you could see streaks and you could still see my nail in some places. Ir probably sounds worst than it looks, but it's a pain in the butt. I'll just touch it up once it's completely dry and it should be okay.


I absolutely have fallen inlove with this scent. My grandmother (who has amazing taste in fashion) starting wearing this scent one day, and I quickly noticed the change in parfumes. I noticed a week later she had chosen to wear it again, so I ask her if that was the scent she wore last week and she confirmed it. I then proceeded to investigate which parfume it was that she was wearing, Obsession. It's definitely a memorable scent. I'd describe as musky and spicey and gives off a vibe of mystery. I absolutely love it. In my top three of perfumes, and I give it #1 for the classics.


I've got this fragrance, but with the sparkles in it. It definitely reminds me of something magical between scent and the sparkles. It has a bit of a musky floral scent, and super feminine.

I have the purple one and it's a great polish. It dries pretty fast - wish I adore - so all I have to worry about is waiting for the top coat to dry once I apply it. The nail polish stays on for a decent amount of time, as well.

I haven't used this product in a while, becasue I think the packaging has changed. However, I really liked it. It's probably one of the most missed product that I've had. It took me two minutes to remove all my eye makeup without having to use much effort. My eyes felt clean and well-moisturized.

I had this cleanser and the moisturizer. Wasn't a fan of the moisturizer at all, but the cleanser was alright. In my opinion, it wasn't anything special. I wasn't a fan of the smell, and my acne didn't improve much, but my skin did feel a lot cleaner in comparison to other cleansers.

I'm not really a fan. I used this with the facial wash, which I was told I would break out really back in the first week, then my skin would improve and it'd clear up my acne in a week or two. I think the moisturizer just dried out my skin and made it burn, which left my skin trying to produce more oil to make up for what was lost, and my acne never improved.

Great for Smokey Eyes

I like the colour, and I like how sparkly and sheer the light shadow is. I'd highly recommend this to someone who wants a nice pair of smokey eyes. Very pretty.

To start, I love OPI. It adheres to the nail well. All the colours are beautiful, shiney and glorious and the company is always coming out with new and better! It would be awesome if it didn't contain the harsh chemicals that is does, :( sad face. but that's alright. My favourite colour ever has to be (hands down) Tomorrow Never Dies. It's a deep blue-violet, absolutely stunning - I feel like a million bucks whenever I wear it. Every person that sees the polish always says how pretty it is.

Good for Special Occasions

First off, I'm just going to state why I do not like this product: -Makes my skin feel unnatural, and look cakey/fake -Makes me break out However, if I mix it with my BB cream, it gives it enough moisture that is glides on my face well and gives a natural, yet full-coverage and matte finish. Also, if I wash my face extremely well right after I've come back, I don't usually break out. I know it sounds like I don't like this product, but it's more like a love-hate relationship. It is my go-to product when I'm going out for a special occasion, because it does stay in place all night and it has amazing coverage (under my eyes especially!), even when I mix it with my BB cream.

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