Wet N Wild

Wild Shine Nail Color


Kendra F.
Just For Me

I love it. The color is so dark and you don't need to apply a second coat. It took about two or three days to start chipping on my fingernails, but all polishes on the fingernail chip, and for 99 cents this is a deal that can't be beat. It doesn't chip on the toes, so I was happy and very satisfied. The color is so deep and rich. This is a product that I will forever keep in my nail bag, same color and same brand.

Mercedes D.

For such an inexpensive polish, I am quite impressed. It lasted a good while before it became 'goopy', which is a plus. The colour is slightly transparent, but a few coats does make a difference. The colours I've used are Red Red (the best), Caribbean Frost and Blazed.

Melissa M.
LOVE color, NOT the brush

I really enjoy the color of this polish, but the product has some flaws. First, the brush is really uneven and weirdly shaped. I am not great at painting my nails anyway so it just makes it harder. It also chipped not long after I applied it. I will continue to use it because I love the color but would love to know of a better quality nail polish with the same color.