Urban Decay

Naked On The Run


Mercedes D.
Very natural looking

The name says it all. When I need to put myself together and don't have time to pick out products, I grab this and go. It has all the essentials, plus it flatters my skin tone so well and just gives a healthy glow. The blush and the mascara are my favourite, and I definitely love the eyeshadow Stun.. so pretty. It's so convenient that it comes with 2 matte eyeshadows that would work well as a very natural eyeshadow look, but are great for filling in the brows! The only thing I would change (or more so, add) is I would have loved it if it came with a brush... perhaps, a double-ended brush - angled brow on one side and eyeshadow on the other... but it's a wonderful palette nonetheless. No complaints! Thank you boyfriend! :)

Madeline E.
I wish I loved it

I was super excited when I first saw this product was coming out, but I was somewhat disappointed when I used it for the first time. I like this palette but I do not love it. I feel like the shade selection is very poor. There is a larger highlight shade which is nice, but this product lacks a darker shade to darken up the eye or use in the crease. I also think two of the shades are much too close, and UD could have picked a shadow a little more different from the rest to add to the collection. The blush is nice but it is very bright and vibrant and I do not think it would work for every skin tone, not would it suit every person's tastes. The bronzer is too red toned, and it can very quickly became muddy looking and make you look orange. I do like the mascara, lip gloss, and eyeliner however.

Kyla K.
Really great!

I really like this! It's perfect for on the run but I wish it came with a brush. I love everything in the pallet(the shadows are SO soft!) but the lipstick smells bad :/ it was worth the price though!!!!!!!

Mo R.

ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS PRODUCT. I love all of the products INDIVIDUALLY but as a whole it's useless. You can't "use it on the run" I love the eye shadows and mascara but the lipgloss is gross. The bronzer and blush don't match and I can't use them.