Beauty Product Reviews

Love it

I have this in charcoal and the color is perfect for dramatic looks. I like to use it when I go out at night. A little goes a long way and takes a bit of blending but it's still easy to use. Since it's a loose pigment you have to be careful not to get it all under your eyes and such. I take a bit and dab my brush on a tissue before applying!

Didn't Like It

I thought this stuff would be awesome but I honestly don't like it. The idea of shaving with an actual cream formula seems great at first, until it gunks up your razor and you end up shaving with straight water. I had to go over some areas twice. Even with that being said, it goes on too thin which is too weird for me.

Love It

I love this stuff. I use it right after my cleanser/moisturizer routine every morning and night and I've had minimal breakouts since I've started using it. It makes my skin easier to apply my bb cream. I also had a burn on my arm and have been applying it to that twice a day and the scar has faded a ton. I don't think I'll stop using this any time soon. :)

Good for Few Issues

I got this in light because they didn't have the shade I originally wanted. It's more liquidy so it seems oily but didn't go on oily at all. It's good for those that have few issues (my face is kinda scarred up and didn't really cover much). If it were a bit thicker it may have covered more but for the price it's not bad.

Love in Rio Palette

I ordered two of the Love in Rio trios a while back in Barefoot in the Sand and Sizzling Samba. I love them both and I use the Barefoot one almost everyday. I use it with their HD primer and it stays on for me all day. I apply with a dome shadow brush to blend.

Nice Primer

I really like this primer. I put it on this morning and my shadow is still looking good! I even took a nap and it stayed on nice. :) It's easy to apply and it made the color of the shadow stand out a bit.

I like it

I like this hair spray. It makes my hair feel softer after I put it on. It's probably not the greatest but it's pretty good for the price. I like that it's not sticky and doesn't feel like it's everywhere when you use it! I just use it to hold my hair shape after it gets straightened. Haven't used it on curls or anything.

Good Brush

I really like this brush! It blends shadow really well and it is pretty easy to hold. It has an awesome price and is easy to store. I've been using it for about 2 weeks and no hairs have fallen out of it.

Soft Skin!

I love B&BW triple moisture cream! I have it in the Country Girl scent and I love it! I wait a while after shaving and it makes my legs so soft. It's thicker but not too thick and not greasy for me.

I Like It

I got the one for green eyes (even though mine are blue) and I got the same one as the photo above just because I was attracted to the colors. Whenever I get trios I always end up using them opposite of what they tell you lol. The color for the lid was just really too dark for mine so I just used that as more of a contour.Overall I like these colors, just not in the order they have them.

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