Intense i-Color Smoky-i Kit


Sarah B.

I was really disenchanted with this product. The colors looked gorgeous in the packaging (which is why I purchased it) but the color payoff is almost non-existent. Even with an eyelid primer, I couldn't build up the shadow enough so the colors were visible. I'm hoping that applying it wet might help the colors to show up more vibrant on my eyes, but either way I won't be repurchasing this. Good thing I got it on sale!

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gee m.

These eye- shadows are ok but not the best on the market. When I rubbed the color with my finger the colors seem very pigmented but once I applied them to my eyelid I did not get the same intense color that I desire and received on my finger. I have to use a colored base first and pat the color on the lid to build the color up. The color that could be use to highlight or use for the inner corner of the eye is somewhat of a chunky type texture.

The eye-shadows are easy to blend and once you pack the colors on a nice eye look can be created. If I see more nice colors I will purchase them but when it comes to eye-shadows this is not a brand that I think of first or even second for the matter.

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Michele M.
Hate it.

Okay so, I bought this along with a few other Almay products (mainly because it said hypoallergenic, and I have sensitive skin) and I just....hate this. The "navy blue" color once applied to the skin is just an absolutely dreadful dirty grey color with like this "puke" gold. That's the best way to describe it. Not only is the color really ugly it applies in a blotchy way. The gold above it has like, no pigment and And the pale blue above that is like, non-existent in color. Bleh. This is just...a really bad product in my eyes. The only good thing about this product is that the packaging is kind of neat. But that's it.

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Diana G.
tan lindo

as most of my reviews i love this product it is as easy as it looks the only down fall unfotunately is im a little darker complection so the brown looks more close to my skin tone but even with tha down fall the colors still look great on me jus more as a neutral look =)

Laurin W.

i keep seeing the comercial on tv so i had to try it. it really is as easy as it looks! ive tried other smoky eye sets and so far this is my favorite i definatly recomend it if you like the smoky look

Olivia K.

Great I love it! I like it because it has instructions on the back and so when I started using it I could just read instructions! Really good for beginners

Morgan C.
I Like It

I got the one for green eyes (even though mine are blue) and I got the same one as the photo above just because I was attracted to the colors. Whenever I get trios I always end up using them opposite of what they tell you lol. The color for the lid was just really too dark for mine so I just used that as more of a contour.Overall I like these colors, just not in the order they have them.

Jackie A.

The colors really didn't blend well together. There was a fine line between the colors. And plus the colors were too shimmery which I didn't really like. But other then that if you like shimmery eyeshadow this is the for you.

Rebakah G.

I got a great deal on these at cvs and purchased every shade combo. I think they are good for a quick look but the color payoff could be better.

Chelsea T.
Too bold for my taste.

I'm definitely more of a natural makeup look kind of girl, especially with the eyes. But, I thought I'd try something new so I bought this. Big mistake. It is currently taking up space in my makeup box until I figure out what I'm going to do with it. First off, the blue shade was just way too much for me, as soon as I touched the color to my lid I thought, "and this is supposed to go on my whole lid?!" I didn't finish the look, I swiped it off and grabbed a much more muted palette. One night though I was daring enough (and possibly in the mindset of "I bought it, I want to use it at least once") so I grabbed this palette with the comfort of knowing that my destination was a dark place and no one would really be able to see anyway. I muted the blue so much, there was barely anything on my brush and I still felt like it looked way too heavy. But I did finish the look and formula wise, Almay is great. Their eyeshadows are buildable, pretty and true to their color. The product itself is not bad at all, it's just the colors that I really don't like. Except for the midtone, that one is quite nice.